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We cannot truly love and accept others, or accomplish anything of lasting value in life if we don’t like ourselves.

Having a healthy self-image is fundamental to happiness and success. I am aware that many people think it is not ‘spiritual’ to improve self image. They believe it strengthens the ego. Infact I have found that the opposite is true. For example, usually people with a poor self image are found to boast…they gloat about good they are, but actually they are only trying to convince themselves!

Having a positive self-image is prerequisite to genuine spiritual insight. Only when the fruit is ripe does it fall. Only when the self image is wholesome can it be transcended to understand that a sense of separate self is an illusion.

Following is a powerful exercise to improve self-image. Doing it for daily for two weeks can catalyse a wonderful shift in the way we relate to ourself and others. It just takes five or ten minutes to do.
Thats why its also called the ‘Five Minute Miracle’.

• Take a moment to relax. Close your eyes and become aware of the sensations you feel in your body. Notice how your body feels touching the chair or bed.
• Take a few deep, refreshing breaths.
• Now, create an image of yourself in your mind’s eye. See yourself surrounded by light and love. You might imagine a blanket of warm pink light caressing your body.
• Imagine that this love is going into every cell of your body, creating a healthy, strong and beautiful body.
• See yourself exercising your body and enjoying the sensations of doing so.
• Visualize yourself eating healthy food. Taste this food and enjoy it.
• Hear yourself surrounded by friends telling you how wonderful you look.
• Imagine you are telling these friends how wonderful you feel. Actually feel wonderful!
• Spend a moment feeling the joy of your healthy, strong and beautiful body.
• Take a moment to thank your body for all that it does for you.
• Feel the gratitude you have for this incredible body in which you live. Even if you do not presently feel grateful for your body, imagine that you live in a body for which you feel grateful!
• Now, imagine yourself accomplishing something important to you. It might be something physical, like running a mile; or something social, like being more poised; something mental, like passing an exam; or something spiritual, like being more kind-hearted and generous.
• See yourself actually doing this activity or having already accomplished this.
• Celebrate this accomplishment with your friends. Let yourself feel the joy of accomplishment.
• Now think of some aspect of you that is special.
• Imagine that you are loving that part of yourself.
• Feel joy and gratitude for this part of yourself.
• Imagine yourself as a unique being of radiant beauty, vibrant health, and unique accomplishments.
• Feel the way you would feel if you were already living your highest, truest life.
• Feel the joy and let the image go.
• Throughout the day, remind yourself that love works and that you are a unique being, worthy of love.
• Do this exercise at least once a day. Two or three times a day will bring quicker results. You will get positive results, but you may need to continue to use the force of love if you want the changes to become permanent. Start by doing it for two weeks. You will see the meaningful changes very soon.

Directing your thoughts in this way you can transform every situation in your life to those filled with peace and harmony.

May you be happy!
Nithya Shanti

“Being like a Sun
Loving Everyone”
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  1. geethanjali
    June 11, 2011

    Thank You so much Deepti! Really awesome

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