Woman and Man

“What do you understand of pain?”, She asked Him. “A man gives a woman his love, and it starts with pain for her. Pain is almost her dharma. At most a man can look at a woman in pain and feel tortured by it. But his every experience is second-hand; because when he is breathing in ecstasy, a woman is breathing in pain. Her greatest moment of joy, of creating life out of her, is filled with pain. And though this is also his first experience of life, the pain is still second hand.
So when he gives her pain, as she liberates him, the best he can do for her is to write her some poetry, or make a painting in her dedication or give her a commitment. So that at one point when this pain has reached from her womb to her heart, and she wondered why she ever took it upon her in the first place, this poetry, this painting or this commitment will serve as reminders – that a man loved her once…in that one moment”

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