A beautiful quote by Paulo Coelho

This is a very memorable passage from the book “The Zahir” written by Paulo Coelho that influenced me the most, and changed my perception of going to a temple/church/mosque, etc…

“On seeing the restoration work going on at a cathedral:
And suddenly, in the middle of the central nave, i realize something very important: the cathedral is me, it is all of us. We are all growing and changing shape, we notice certain weaknesses that need to be corrected, we don’t always choose the best solution, but we carry on regardless, trying to remain upright and decent, in order to do honour not to the walls or the doors or the windows, but to empty space inside, the space where we worship and venerate what is dearest and most important to us.”

In a metaphorical sense, if we realise that our body is the temple/mosque/cathedral, etc. which is ever-changing, ever being done the restoration work upon by the regeneration of cells and tissues, and all we have to do is preserve and venerate the inner sanctum of Space that is within us, then how beautiful Life would indeed become!

Before reading this quote, I would go, like many people in this world, in the most ritualistic way to a place of worship, effused with the fragrance of burning candles melting with the ethereal fragrance of flowers where people have come for one sole intention – To find Peace. After reading this quote I wondered, how wonderful it would be to have this feeling of Divinity when I am with my Self, the God within me and I can simply offer prayers to this Inner Self which is but a Divine Spark lit from the Divine Flame of energy we define as “God”.
Respect the body like you would respect a place of worship…for it is one.
And worship thy Self.
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  1. Deepti
    March 18, 2009

    You are being rebuilt all the time…you are the architect…but most people confuse this role with that of a mason…you don’t have to put the “building blocks” together…which means you don’t require a Diat or physical activity to get fit, or to restructure; you just “rebuild” or review the Inner Space within which will then take care of the physical manifestation on its own; that’s why Yoga or homeopathy or Ayurveda and meditation work so well with people with everlasting effects!

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