Attraction and fallouts

Attraction is born from the Core of the Universe. Even for that matter, physical attraction towards someone. It’s a call to 2 people’s Souls to begin a chain of unraveling of destinies of many including themselves. How right is it to respond to it? As right it is for a leaf to fall…regardless of whether it is autumn or spring.The people we have attracted are our biggest mirrors. They represent a set of beliefs within Our self that need to be shattered/evaluated and rebuilt or reinvented. They say that one never steps into the same river twice… which essentially means(from what I have understood) that the same person can come back into our life but he/she would represent another vibrational frequency in match with our transformed one. So and so forth, a “wrong” path simply ceases to exist. There are paths with lower frequencies from the vibrational set point we are at in the present moment and there are paths with a higher frequency. At any point in time, one would be attracted to the path(s) with the highest vibrational frequency that matches our set point. It would be natural to lose interest in a path that is not for the highest of intentions of lesson-learning that fit at that time.

Going further, when we change our vibrations, people who were previously the best fit, no longer find a place and hence, it leads to a “fallout”. They no longer fit in their roles because you no longer need that role. It is just right then for them to walk out, leaving place for a higher understanding to sink in. True awareness matters rather than paying attention to societal “noise” such as the number or relationships one has had in order to grow.

For a simple metaphor of it is a daily situation – while driving you may overtake a certain number of people and drive at a certain speed. Many times you will find people driving faster than you and overtaking more number of people too. However, when you halt at the next signal, you will find them there. If they are driving along the same road, chances are that you will find them at the next signal too. So finally what does this say? We are in our own way driving on the same road. We do learn the same lessons eventually, regardless of the speed at which we learn them and how many energy forms we have interacted with to get there.

And then eventually we will go Home and find our loved ones waiting there, like a weekend catching-up-rendezvous at your fave cafe. And you will realize that you never really lose people…they just change faces and reappear in your life.

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