We often identify ourselves with our activities, hobbies, culture, morals, traditions, beliefs et al. Until one day, we end up bristling while being asked to do something and we find our mind protesting, “But this is not who I am!”. What we are, the identity in our ‘I’ was the main reason why, after turning over astrology and other esoteric material, I finally turned to spirituality. On my last birthday, I returned full circle, with these words from the book “Power, Freedom and Grace” by Deepak Chopra, gifted to me by the Enlightened Buddha of our times, Dr.Newton:
“Your essential being is the source of all being – the field of pure consciousness that manifests as the entire universe. In this very moment, pure consciousness illuminates and animates your mind and body, and it is powerful, invincible, unbounded, and free. When you know yourself as this field of consciousness, you have power to manifest your desires, you have freedom from fear and limitations, and you live in grace, which is that state of consciousness where things flow and your desires are easily fulfilled.
Joy and sorrow, happiness and suffering, are the play of opposites; they are transient because they are time-bound. Spirit, the essential you, is independent of the play of opposites; it dwells in the silent bliss of the eternal. That’s why the key to happiness is to identify with the unchanging essence of your inner self – to live and play in the field of intelligence that is beyond positive and negative. This field is your source, and it is magical, holy, joyful, and free.
To experience lasting happiness, you have to go to a place beyond thought and experience inner peace. It’s not that you have to shed your sadness and bring in happiness. You have to go beyond the world of duality to the field of pure potentiality and live from your source.
Happiness and sadness are different faces of infinite consciousness. Both are transient, and you are neither because you are not a state of consciousness. You are consciousness itself expressing all of these states. Why would you want to identify with a wave on the ocean or a mere drop of water when you are the ocean? You are not the ever-changing behavior of the ocean. You are the water-i-ness of the ocean. And this water-i-ness doesn’t change.
Vedanta declares, “Know that one thing by knowing which everything else is known.” For one who knows the Self, the limitations of the world disappear.

Every time I reflect on this paperback, I discover new meanings and explanations applicable to me. Water…is the most beautiful metaphor for Spirit – put it in a jug or a vase…use it to bathe or drink or water plants…its essence is always the same. Have you been caught by the fragrance of lilies or lotuses while walking on the street, or shopping in a mall? You cannot mistake the essence of water that truly defines them…because it defines our ‘I’nner self as well.

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