The Journey of my Inner Child

The Child is the Father of Man” was once quoted by Master Jesus. I never understood it, until I attended the first Inner Child workshop conducted by Life Research Academy.  It was my first trip to Goa and I had never imagined experiencing Goa in such a profound state of Spirit. I was excited, needless to say, like a child to experience the same spiritual elevation I’d experienced only 3 months back in the PLR therapist training workshop, only that no life script, no psychic or medium could’ve ever prepared me for the experience I went through. Months after the workshop, I am, to this day, experiencing intense moments with myself as a result of the direct transformation that took place then.

Having experienced a traumatic childhood I would often exhibit a jovial façade under which lay stark loneliness, depressive cycles of thought and intense fears which made my life a constant rollercoaster of shocks. And to worsen it all was the fact that no one knew the dark tunnels of trauma that had gripped me in my childhood and the complex relationships I’d had as a result. Inner child work was an unburdening for me that transcended far beyond past life regression ever had.

As with every workshop, for the first couple days I found it hard to get connected to the meditations Dr.Newton and Dr.Lakshmi conducted. However, I found the concepts very appealing signifying the various traits and defense systems we develop as adults that had a direct correlation with the way in which we are born, as well as to the thoughts and beliefs of our parents even before the time of our conception. The next three days completely turned my world around in a state of awareness that is simply ineffable.

Through simple but highly effective techniques such as clay therapy, non-dominant hand writing, etc. I learnt how to not only access my Inner Child, but how to pay attention to it, and thereby heal it. Those who have not attended this workshop might be wondering what the Inner Child actually means. From my experience I have understood that in each of us, there exists our Child self, which, more often than not gets wounded as we grow up, until one day we forget about its existence and are left with the consequences of the same, experiencing loneliness, self-destructive tendencies and becoming individuals with troubled relationships and troubled careers. Through this workshop, not only was I cleansed of various false belief systems, but I was able to see myself as an untarnished Child – a pure Godly form – and revive it. Moreover, I was able to gauge the feeling of loneliness and understand it as a sign that we are not providing our Inner Child with the basic things any child needs – love, care and attention.

I have personally witnessed being connected to my Source, my inner Abundance and reaching a state of Grace as I completely lived an extremely important phase of my life after the workshop personifying only the various aspects of my Inner Child and letting it completely free. I experienced being in a state of innate freedom that I had lost way too early in my childhood.  And I owe my entire spiritual transformation to the family of LRA, including the Wise children, Ramya and Sharan, and my 2 dearest soulmates and their families – Monish and Prakruti. The 40 days following the workshop were my most spiritually and on several other levels active days I’ve ever known.

It brought to memory the quote from Pythagoras I’d once read: “As above, so below” – just like when the sand below the sea is white, the sea, being clear water, simply reflects the sky above in all its purity and iridescence. But when the surface beneath is unclear, the sea is unable to reflect clearly.

Today I am still going through the inner child work processes at deep levels. My biggest complexes regarding my identity have been cleared and I am able to do various things easily and in the flow, without questions burgeoning in my head with regards to who I am and whether I compromise my ‘identity’ through those actions. The biggest revelation for me was what Deepak Chopra mentioned to me in his book Power, Freedom and Grace, of not identifying with the waves on the ocean when you are actually the ocean itself – the water-i-ness of the ocean. Don’t hang on to the clouds and their patterns for they pass…but what remains eventually is just the sky.

Through Inner Child work I was able to face my ghosts…that ultimately led me to face my Inner God, for, truly, in the most aware state one experiences a balance of the Divine Holy Trinity in oneself – the Father (our ‘Adult’ Self), the Son (the Inner Child) and the Holy Ghost (our Higher/Aware Self).

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  1. Deepti
    May 18, 2009

    The Seventh Insight of the book The Celestine Prophecy based on the Mayan texts scripted thousands of years back regarding the current evolution of humanity, is almost completely based on the Inner Child Work.

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