Appreciation and related Energy exchanges between Souls

* Appreciation –
These last few weeks I’ve become incredibly aware of my love for appreciating other people. And that the actual “art of appreciation” goes many steps further. Through my inner child process I have come to understand how the world truly works as a mirror of your innermost thoughts and perceptions. So essentially, all the good qualities that you see in others are actually extension points of yourself. Hence, when i point out something unappealing in someone else, I’m essentially criticizing a part of me…disowning it, and hence, creating friction…in Me and consequently the world.
On the other hand when you appreciate someone you are essentially appreciating a part of you that you see projected outward, and many times this happens because we are all made of ‘mysterious’ components that are incredibly unique qualities. But being aware that it is a part of you that you are seeing makes all the difference.

Energy-wise, when you truly listen to someone talking about themselves and what they like with incredible love and appreciation, the energy exchange that starts happening is utterly different! Suddenly, instead of you giving them energy, and getting exhausted after a long conversation, you get completely connected with your own Higher Source, and “downloading” energy from it, instead of taking it from the person as he/she is talking. Moreover, by Law of Attraction, that person is all the more encouraged to speak about themselves and a self-love for themselves arises, which then connects them with their own Higher Source. Now the nature of energy flow completely changes; you start getting energized and this loving energy overflows into the other. At the same time the other person gets energized and this loving energy too overflows from them into you. I personally call this the “Concave Exchange”. It is an incredible experience to observe, and over the last few weeks I have witnessed multiple occurrences of this happening with my colleagues (Ref: The Celestine Prophecy, The Seventh Insight).

Inner Child Work remains the basic premise of this experience, and the best way to trigger it is a simple and incredibly powerful affirmation: “I LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM”, as I have learned from Louise L. Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” and through EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique). Today I am able to believe that this simple affirmation has the power to heal cancer and AIDS.

* Learning from all the Masters we meet everyday –
Once you start practicing the art of appreciating people from deep within your own self, you will bring out the lesson that person is supposed to teach you. For remember, the highest reason for all our incarnations is lesson learning, and converting knowledge to wisdom. Why did you meet this person? What is this person trying to teach you through his/her own experience? Understanding this takes elaboration of awareness in your own mind. And what you appreciate in them is the best clue.

* Understanding your deeper Essence –
We are all like flowers, very unique and fragrant with an individual essence that we can understand only if we just Be. When you just sit and dwell with Nature, it makes you realize what you Are, devoid of your history, culture, religion, looks, face, personality, likes and dislikes and even hobbies. Quoting the words of Eckhart Tolle, the Master of Mastering Stillness, “You become quite simple. The need to be special falls away. You become ordinary. You don’t need to project a sense of specialness anymore and find your identity in that. What a freedom comes to you when you no longer need to be special to get some sense of your identity! What a freedom comes when you’re in touch with the preciousness that is the Essence of who you are.”

Referring back to Inner Child Work, I could finally realize that for many, Spirituality is a mask, simply because it offers you a way of being “special”, above others. And when you start digging deep, the first question you must ask yourself, “Why do I need to be special? What does ‘special’ mean to me? When did I first feel this need to be different from others?” More often than not, the roots are in your childhood when you had to ask for your parents’ or peers’ attention and the only way you figured out that would be possible is by being ‘special’, or ‘different’. In fact most of us blindly set out to follow these passions which make us feel ‘special’ and that is when your success cannot cross a certain limit, and the dissatisfaction in you persists. This trail of becoming ‘special’ does not imply that you are connected to your own Higher Source. It is simply a fear deep under the layers of various labels like insecurity, etc.

Today, you can sit down and ask yourself this: Am I ordinary? Am I perfectly content being ordinary? Do I define myself by my job, my passions, my interests, my looks, my face, my culture, my upbringing, etc? If the answer to any of them is Yes, then the answer to the question, “Am I aware of my Essence of Being?” is No.

There is only one definition of Being: I am.

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