Responsibility and Deservability

We give service and/or time to people. And yet we cringe back at receiving the energy back and for the energies to complete their circle. Why? We think we don’t deserve it. This is how responsibility relates to deservability. We are responsible for our reality. This includes what we create. But after the giving is over, instead of receiving back, we feel empty. Why? This is because there is a lack of belief that what you have created is with a Divine Force. We bring up beliefs that only if the outcome of what we have created fits a certain profile, does it deserve to be honored.
If this were so, one would have NEVER witnessed the rise in Allopathy, for they take your signature that with all due probability, they are very likely to fail! So they already tell you that what you are paying for will not give you the result you want, and still there are pharmaceutical and insurance companies making millions.

So what is deservability? It finally boils down to just one thing – your ability to Receive Love from the Universe. For one glance to be conveyed, one breath to be breathed in Awareness we have spent life-times doing “homework” on ourselves. Call it karma, or call it simply Energy Exchange, the Circle must complete.
Everytime you give your time, you are conveying energy. Remember the core equations of the Universe:


…and also if our Existence = Love, then we must know, that Existence contains the dimension of Time for people on Earth; time cannot contain Existence = Consciousness. That’s the reason we say Consciousness is timeless.
When we spend time on someone, we are basically Existing. When we Exist, we are Energy. If we are with another energy form, we are exchanging, for we are constantly in a state of exchange. And when the other person is receiving our wisdom, on the principle of exchange, that person must give back.

This realisation brought me another deep Awareness- there are only 2 states:
– either we are doing this on the Path of Karma, i.e we already had previously taken energy from that person and now we are giving it back,
– or we are Now doing this on the Path of Dharma, i.e we are creating in alignment with our life purpose wherein like a flowing river as we give, we must receive and move on with the flow of Life and with the flow of Consciousness.

When you gift flowers to someone, they must provide water to the flowers after receiving them, if they want to retain the fragrance of the flowers.
Creativity in any form translates to the Being of the Flower. For when the receiver of Creativity pays back, it translates to watering the plant that gave birth to the flower.

When I took my personal session with Michaela Adam-Horst, a powerful Medium and Channel and founder of The Rising Sun Foundation in Germany, I got a very important message from the Masters(incl. Michaela herself), that as New Age Masters, we have to break the belief system that the people who give spiritual guidance in any form should do it without being paid. WE have reincarnated and have chosen our paths in this time of evolution to understand that we are to live life enjoying the comforts of the physical level and yet at the same time being of service to others. If you like clothes you are supposed to shop for clothes and enjoy yourself doing so with the money you have earned from your sessions/services.
The Ninth Insight of The Celestine Prophecy whirls around in my mind because this is the next step of how our societies and professions are going to evolve- We are going to start paying those who gives us timely guidance and assistance. We are increasingly going to grow self-sufficient in terms of our needs of food, clothing and shelter. Rather than ownership of a single house or a single piece of land, we are going to own parts of houses/lands in different parts of the world translating to one thing: which is that we own our entire planet, not just one country, or one city. Hence, we are responsible for the entirety of it.
Coming back to the point, our teachers and guides on the spiritual path are now going to be the ones who we will reward for spending their Life-time and -energy showing us the right path for our personal evolution.

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  1. July 6, 2009

    This is a most valid point you made here Deepti- in the spiritual healing profession I have seen many of us are shy to recieve and this is what we need to open ourselves to.

  2. nirmall
    November 5, 2009

    i agree absolutely with swati prakash we actually need to open ourselves to the abundance in the universe.

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