What I’ve learnt – from Cheryl Richardson’s interview on Hay House

I was listening to Cheryl Richardson’s interview on one of Hay House’s CDs. I had no idea who she was, but something about her was so inspiringly practical, that it drew me in quickly.

I learnt so many things through this interview… here are some of the things that have made a mark and that I am NOW putting in “motion” –

1. Affirmation + Action = Miracles. I realized that thinking positive thoughts or affirming in the “Now” is not enough. We must go beyond thoughts into action mode. We keep getting baby-step guidance messages – people can hand you fliers related to something completely(seemingly) unrelated, you might land up at some place ‘accidentally’ and end up making connections which could be answered prayers. But every time you listen to that guidance in the form of thoughts or feelings, you need to take a step towards it and tell the Universe, “hey, I am ready for receiving that which I want and this is my welcome-step towards it!”.

My personal experience has been telling me this. Many of my friends know this, that I have been wishing to go to Europe because of the special connection I feel with that place. So since 2 weeks I have been affirming, “I am going to Europe now, completely provided and paid for”. As a part of “action”, I entered contests that had a free trip to Europe, and also started sending out my resume to friends there. When one of my clients came to know of this, he said he worked in a Europe-based firm and offered to refer me since I fit the profile for his company(since I also work as a software engineer). I took the entrance tests and interview, which to my immense surprise I cleared succesfully, and I was offered an opportunity to fly to Europe and work there! 🙂 This has been a Miracle since I have been praying for 3 years to go back to Europe!

2. In order to get what you want we need to be really clear about what we want. Most of the times we don’t take time out to think and “chalk out” what we want. What we don’t realize that we need a design plan before we start constructing. This design plan is actually getting clarity. How to do this? Take time out even if it is as long as a week or a month. In her interview she spoke about how she “crafted out” her soulmate. For 7 days she was writing out all the details regarding how he should be in terms of physical appearances, health, spiritual outlook, qualities, financial background and whatever else she could think of. It so happened that within 2 weeks she manifested it! Of course she was very clear in her prayers that she wants this kind of man only if he is in her highest interest, and if this is not, then she is open for something greater than this. You have to be open to “this or better”.
This also made me aware of how hasty I am in wanting things. If I have to design my life, I might as well take out time and clearly chalk out what I want and give it enough thought! And so it is now!

3. Review this list EVERYDAY. I remember Nithya Shanti teaching this in his HADAYOLI workshops too, but I never followed it. Now it’s back to being a good student and following it.
Cheryl talks about an incident where she made out yellow sticky notes where she wrote out what she wanted and just “held it in her consciousness” everyday. And she got those things in a few months!

4. “Usually our deepest desires are the ones we are most embarassed to admit” — Emmet Fox. So true!!! I realised I am most embarrassed to admit that all I reeeeallly want to do is go into isolation in someplace in Europe, write everyday for 10 hours for a month, go cycling, spend time in solitude by green meadows and snow-capped mountains(a place like Valais) and write and meditate while being taken care of all along regarding food and shelter and clothing.   🙂

5. The 3 challenges towards Manifestation faced by everyone are –

* Impatience

* Lack of clarity – Most of the times we are missing information about the “action” part of the Affirmation-Equation[Affirmation+Action = Miracles]. We tend to call it something else: “I must be afraid, that’s why I am stuck”, “I must have a fear of success”. Whereas it might just be a lack of clarity regarding your next action. In which case, you might simply seek help about your next step.

* Isolation – We are meant to be collective as a species. So even if you have an intention and you know the next step of your action, you simply don’t take it because you get scared. What I learnt from her is that it is natural to want more support, more encouragement. However, sometimes we look in the wrong direction for help. She very nicely phrased this as “don’t go to the hardware store for milk”. Especially when we are out to do things like express our creativity, reach out to people, these are desires deep from within our soul. It is natural to feel a little vulnerable then because these are big things for your soul, your spirit. So consciously turn to people who will hold your hand during your journey and give you encouragement.

I hope to implement this at a crucial point in my life, where the Universe is constantly giving me messages that I need to put myself in action NOW.

Do write in regarding how you feel after reading this article and any additional inspiration you can give to the readers of this article based on your own experiences.

Love, Light and Grace! 🙂

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  1. July 29, 2010

    Thank you, Deepti:) It clarified a lot of things for me too! All the best for manifesting your dreams soon, and have fun doing it:)))

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