10 most influential spiritual reads

10 most important spiritual books that have changed my life(in no specific order)

  1. Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue – Just after my past life regression therapist training program I had a strong calling for this one, and it led me to very dynamically dispel one of my biggest issues I’d had – loneliness. This book introduced me to Angel Therapy which I practice intuitively, claircognizance, crystals which have helped me to progress in leaps and bounds on my spiritual path, healing colors and have restored my faith in ancient Magic through receiving healing through Elementals (pixies, faeries, unicorns and the like). I learnt my “baby” information of spirituality through this text viz., what healing is, how healing relates to karma, what meditation is and even something as basic as how to pray.
    In a very miraculous turn of events, understanding and communing with Angels made me not only animal-friendly, but on one occasion guided me to practice angel therapy on a pet! Everytime I open this book, or any of Doreen’s books, I can feel the crystalline energy reach me up my hands into my heart giving me a clear sign everytime that some breakthrough healing is underway.
    PS: Though I have never been trained in Angel Therapy, just through intuition a lot of my friends have also started using her Angel and Elemental cards and have shared great healings through these. I hope someday soon I get to meet her and take a workshop in her magical presence!
  2. Conversations With The Other Side by Sylvia Browne – Thanks to this book my faith in angels and the elementals was cemented! But ore than this, it gave me a grand picture of the Earth and its corresponding “Other Side”, matters concerning a soul’s transition to the Other Side after death, the seven levels below and above human beings, the evolution of a human soul through reincarnation and so much more! This is a simplified anthology of what our ancient texts tell us about the different lokas (worlds).
    PS: This book is channeled material, and was my first experience reading something channeled and it still mystifies me how entire books can come out of channeling!
  3. Bringers Of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak – I held this book and as soon as I opened it, I wept. I can’t define whether it was energy or just sheer love, that feeling of getting sucked into a huge Mothering Womb beyond all mental comprehension. This is a channeled material written when spirituality did not have the term “New Age” by an amazing healer. The channelings are of beings from another star system called Pleiades who reveal the absolute truths regarding how we were “put” on this planet, the purpose and importance of Earth and its current transition, our DNA structure – its evolution and purpose, our original 12 chakras, the significance of our sexuality, the Prime Creator and the “Lizzies” and so many other interesting things. While I don’t ask you to draw conclusions just yet, this is a book truly to be read and then ‘felt’ for yourself whether any of it reverberates as strongly with you as it did with me…for I was simply left asking for more!
  4. Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr.Brian Weiss – This book pushed that invisible “Start” button you never knew you had that propels you on a rollercoater of a spiritual path, because that’s how it was for me. The very evening I read it, I closed my eyes and KNEW that this is the answer that I had been searching for for a very long time. All of his books have been filled with his own light of compassion and what’s more? He made an ‘official’ breakthrough in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy with this one. Moreover, I always insist people who want to undergo past life regression therapy to read this book. Also has been the #1 on my Most Gifted Books Of All Times list.
  5. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay – Honestly don’t know how my spiritual vocation would be complete without this one! All of her videos, audio tapes, the movie based on this book have increasingly helped me change my life pulling me out in those phases when I am spiraling through the stubborn patterns of the past. The most noteworthy of all is the Mirror Exercise which has helped me heal not only my inner child, but also many others to whom I recommended it. It has been immensely humbling to see people heal their innermost self-esteem and vulnerabilities through this technique and emerge stronger and purer.
  6. Question Your Thinking, Change The World by Byron Katie – This book introduces the technique called “The Work” which is really like a “homework” to flex the mind beyond its limiting thoughts. Many a times while the energy to resolve a particular issue had shifted through meditation, past life regression or breathwork, a deliberate shift in the mind, which tends to be wound around a particular way of thinking, was needed. “The Work” has very successfully helped me break down my mind’s tendency to addict itself to limiting beliefs. Several of those tiny residual bits of issues have been washed away by applying this technique to them.
  7. Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle – My bible, my handbook of Tao, my little Zen book of all things microscopic and macroscopic. This book redefined Silence, Stillness, Compassion and Oneness with such clarity that for weeks after reading this book I felt like I was transported into a satori state…like I was drifting between heaven and earth. It was this experience that I felt truly ‘identified’ in, which keeps me from losing my faith in my most painful transitions. Watching Eckhart speak often moves me to tears from the within the deepest recesses of my heart which still astounds me. Those vivid experiences of feeling a definitive ‘Completeness’ in the here and Now is something I can vouch for from my very existence.
  8. Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hahn – I had learnt meditation. But I was very confused about it since I have no memorable visions and seldom any clear messages. But “Thay”, as he is fondly called, not only enlightened me about meditation, but about a meditative life as if I was sitting right there in the shade of a benevolent Banyan by Buddha’s side. He has made Buddhism alive to me like a fresh mountain spring to the thirsted. Words fail to describe the eternal peace and the pure-as-the-softest-gold feeling of compassion I find radiating through this book as I go through stories about Buddha and practice engaged Buddhism with as much gentleness as he teaches. For the eternal disciple in me, he is the Buddha and the Being.
  9. The First Principle by Osho – Does Osho need an introduction? It’s like explaining the element of water. This book drove me to nuts! Not only did he fool me and laugh in my face with his ever-twinkling mischievous eyes, but also he twisted and reduced my ego to the ground and made a merry dance out of it! Enough said. Just read the book and find out.
    And since we are on Osho, his book “The Way of the White Clouds” deserves special mention here. A woman on a spiritual path has a seek intrinsically different than a man’s search for enlightenment and if you are a female reader, I am compelled to ask you to read this book, especially towards the end chapters where Osho describes the difference with an accuracy that made me hate him and love him all at once, and put him beyond any man for this uncanny understanding. Although the feminist in me was incensed when I started to read that section, after I finished reading it, I simply went down on my knees and prayed a “Thank You” to him for ‘connecting’ me to the God in me as a woman. As I opened my eyes, I distinctly had the feeling of Osho laughing in my head like silver bells tinkling and couldn’t stop smiling for hours afterward. 🙂
  10. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda – Is any list of spiritual books complete without this one? I had picked up this book a long time back, but only recently did I find a calling to read it. I knew it wasn’t ordinary. My favorite story of all times of my beloved female saint of India, Meerabai, comes from this book. As I read it having found the calling for it recently, I could heal some of my own “big” blocks.

While this is just a start in the amazing ocean of spiritual literature on an endless path toward eternity, please share some of the books that have changed your thinking, and hence, your life.

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  1. September 3, 2010

    My favourites
    1. Ask and it is given, Abraham-Hicks – this was a life-changing book for me. Though I’d read about the law of attraction, I only really learned about it, in depth, from this book.
    2. Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss – No one explains the chakra system better and more simply than her. A must read for anyone who wishes to learn how to heal themselves. The lines of enquiry that she generates at the end of each chapter is just awesome.
    3. The Healing Power of Illness, Dethlefsen et al. – Mindblowing! It changed my perspectives on health and illness completely. The book is a little difficult to read initially, because it can be a bit stark, but definitely worth the read.

    • September 3, 2010

      Thanks Deepti! I forgot to mention “Ask and it is Given”! he he…
      I shall read Carolyn Myss now that you have recommended it. Have you read Anodea Judith’s “Chakras” – it is another one I read recently that changed the way I look at Manifestation as a principle of life!
      Love n Light!

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