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It was a pure call of intuition when I saw a friend’s profile on Facebook and had my inner voice tell me that you must write to her. Though I have known her only through mutual friends on FB, I always felt connected to her, as with many other people over these last few years. When I clicked on her profile, I saw a beautiful image of a golden phoenix rising from ashes shared on her page. It instantly attracted me. I’ve always been fascinated by the mythical phoenix and know that in many ways I carry that energy print of rebirth – it is evident through not only my astrological chart, but also the way my life has worked out. (Right now as I am typing this, in divine synchronicity, my dad came up to me showing that he had finally found the candle he’d been searching for where the flame comes up on its own even after blowing it! This in itself is a heavily encoded message and is definitely giving me goosebumps!)

Earlier that day, I had sent an article I had compelled myself to write to my dear friend, Susheel, who is himself a phenomenal  writer(which comes from a very significant past life, having been one of the most well-known writers a few centuries back) and who I have looked up to ever since I have read his writings this life. He mailed me back saying how important it is to write from the soul, the spirit, without being analytical and wearing an editor’s cap in the initial run itself. It was what I was afraid of in the corner of my mind – that I wasn’t happy with what I had written, but something I was afraid to admit to myself. I re-read his feedback 2-3 times until the essence of what he was saying settled in my consciousness, cutting across my mind. I cried. Something stirred in me regarding how desperate I had become to please the entities outside myself, and had ended up losing my identity, an intimate “myness” that comes only effortlessly through writing. As I let out my emotions and cried, my quiet inner voice went, “write from your Buddha Mind”. I wrote this down as an intention in my diary that very moment – “I intend to write from my Buddha Mind”, and repeated it aloud to myself, while at the same time listening to my voice.

Zooming back to evening that same day when Susheel’s mail was well forgotten, I sent this publisher friend a message on FB saying that I’d like to write for her, hoping that someday in the future I might be working for her. A few hours later I received her reply saying that she is compiling a set of 21 stories for her new book, “How The Phoenix Rose” (the one whose cover had intrigued me on her profile), and that she was falling short of one author to write for the book. I knew then what I was supposed to do. I told her I’d love to write and she messaged saying that she would send me the specifications the next day. The flow which is to be doesn’t wait. And as I logged off, I opened a Notepad file and poured out a story that I had no idea about. This was a story of how deeply music is interwoven in my life, from the tiniest of incidents to the biggest triggers and how it links to a core life urge that I discovered during a recent Breathwork session. The story poured through without thought, and by the time I checked my mail the next morning after sending it to this friend, it had been approved for publishing and the contract in my mail – my first publishing contract, needlessly to say.

Beyond that, a few days later, I got a call that I could work for Lesle Lewis for some production work on the shoot of Coke Studio @ MTV.  I was ecstatic! I had been getting visions ever since I watched Coke Studio Pakistan to be on the sets of Coke Studio when it came to India but I had been dismissing them thinking how on earth would I ever land up there! After a series of synchronistic events which have been mentioned in my story, Life Of Music, I met Lesle and instantly connected with him. It felt like another of those spiritual workshops where you discover your deep soul-connections with people whom you’ve never met before in this life.

Coke Studio was a great grounding and integrating experience that deserves a separate article by itself.

But here is a chance to read this beautiful story of how music was a dormant trigger that was subtly pushing me to ascension while at the same time ‘earthing’ me. The book is being published by Dhruv Publishing and is soon to be released in India. Please check out the details here:

Love, Light and Oneness

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