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While doing the intensive workshop with Jasmuheen a couple of years back, there were many realisations for me. A lot of unimagined questions were answered simply by being with her. The connected set of realisations has been a very light but informative journey of understanding, which began with the realisation as to why the existence of so many temples in India. Almost all of our temples are the sanctums of energy that meditators, common people like you and me, configured through their intense will to see the absolute truths and experience the divine Oneness that transcends all. These were souls like you and me – common people if viewed from the eyes of worldliness – on their extraordinary path of cutting across interpretations and seeking the final truth, for e.g Shiva, Buddha, Balaji, Ramana Maharshi, Saibaba, and so many many more. These were so to speak ‘just’ meditators.
While we are on this path, I realised that the innate ‘spiritual hunger’ of Enlightenment is absolute unnecessary, for it is one of the destinations for us all. It is not exclusive.
Connected to this, I received a very profound message in one of my meditations guided by Jasmuheen – “Let the Wisdom transcend through you”. A dear friend had channeled this message just weeks prior to GCSS (Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists)…even more so in detail.
Today this message was reconfirmed through a realisation once more – it is time for a meditator to transcend meditation from the sacred space where one meditates to a world lived by non-meditators. A research says that a community is healed when the square root of its 1% meditate. This essentially also means that it is our task to apply the principles and realisations received through our meditation into the real world – ironically the world of illusions. Can non-meditators be touched by our meditativeness? Can we improve our relationships as a result of meditation? Can we keep our highly interesting spiritual ‘textbooks’ aside, and take every principle we have learnt, and apply it to a higher degree? Has the nature of Love broadened for you all this while that you have been meditating? Have you transcended from doing the ‘right’ thing to simply doing with Awareness of the Divine Order that works through you all the time? Have you gaged that ‘Peace’ is now not just a word or a feeling, but it is the measure of satisfaction , of fulfillment that settles in you every time you talk to someone, even if you have seen and interacted with that person all your life?
After getting into the spiritual path, people often get carried away by the multitude of dimensions that spirituality presents…especially areas of metaphysics such as immortality, astral travels, time travel, and the highly intriguing nature of Energy. While it is definitely our spiritual hunger during the teething days of re-entering this path this lifetime, it’s time we, all meditators, realised that we innately know all of these things. It is time to transcend this hunger and even the hunger for Enlightenment, for it is passe. Gone is the time when we achieved enlightenment and taught others, for it is done. Now is the time to apply. And especially apply this to our daily lives and the souls who fill our lives with the energy of their being, whether or not they meditate. Your driver may not meditate, but that does not make him less deserving to receive your meditative energies by simply sitting beside him and breathing with Awareness as he winds through the maddening city traffic to get you to your destination. Moreover the person sharing your room at your spiritual retreat may be a bit stubborn about his/her lifestyle and may leave the bed untidy but that doesn’t make him/her less deserving for you to go that one extra mile and simply choose to drop all your frustration for they are still getting where you are. A non-meditator friend might think you are crazy to get into spirituality so ‘early’ in your life, but that does give you a big opportunity to simply be what the Masters teach you at the workshops – to be even-tempered and to be kinder than ever before with Awareness; to the waiter who mixes up your drinks, the manager who makes you stretch your timeline and the roommate who acts aloof and brittle because you are ‘different’. Our demonstration gives people still in their non-Aware, slumber state the wake-up jolt that being natural=spiritual is worth it. This demonstration can even be faked with the intent that one day it is going to awaken the dormant waves of feelings in you when a simple ‘thank you’ you say to the rickshaw-driver for his service is going to be felt by you in your skin and in your eyes. It is that point in time-space when that gratitude will be for the Infinity Consciousness that made this moment of awareness palpable on a physical level. This moment may or may not be termed as ‘enlightenment’, but will definitely be a landmark achievement when you just transcended a level of existence that you were aware of not only in your third eye, but in your two eyes as well. This is not the time to build temples for ourselves and just learn…this is the time to meet eyes with the one looking at you and acknowledge the God in him/her. This is when peace shall be realised and wisdom shall transcend. And we must strive to transcend it Now….Here.
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