Daily Meditation by Louise L. Hay

Everyday I open my eyes to read a random page from a book by Louise L. Hay, a pioneer in bringing ‘affirmations’ – positive-feeling, loving thoughts – to the world.  This book, called “Inner Wisdom – Meditations for the Heart and Soul” , is by my bedside and I take it with me wherever I travel. It has lovely, heartening meditations based on an affirmation which is literally my affirmation for the day, for I find several situations to which I can really apply my meditation of the day.

Another favorite thing for me to do while at work is to open this page which is a blog featuring several of the Hay House authors. It has lovely daily affirmations by several authors apart from Louise such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, etc. Recently I also happened to check the section on Daily Meditations. I loved it! Today’s meditation resonated deeply with me, and so I share it below with the intention that it connects you to the beautiful process of meditation –

The serenity and safety I seek is already within me. At least once a day I sit quietly, breathe deeply, and go within to connect with that deep, inner, unchanging part of myself. Here resides wisdom and knowledge. Meditating is a joy for me as I connect with my inner place of tranquility. Just sitting quietly with my eyes closed is a way to be deeply relaxed. After a little while, I come back to the present moment refreshed and renewed and ready for the rest of the day. I feel at peace and know that all is well.

Love & Peace!

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