Power to choose

Learning to choose the people you interact with can be a big lesson to learn! And indeed that is the lesson life is teaching me nowadays. It was at a recent class that the teacher of the class told me how keeping my heart open has been leading me to danger. She also told me how all the “new age” stuff leads one into opening one’s heart which can lead to some energies feeding on you. Though her advice came from the intention that spoke of balancing and protecting oneself, the delivery came through as fear-based. It created shockwaves in my energy and I was bedridden with this fear! So great can be the impact when you are paying attention to fear. I thought to myself, “Hmmm…what do I have to learn from this?”.
Indeed, everytime I feel stuck or impacted I am compelled to question myself – What am I not seeing here?

This time the answer came through after a day of feeling anger and betrayal to the point of feeling physical nausea;
What is the truth here? I asked myself and went back to the practice of writing as God would write to me – a comfort letter – you could say, wherein I could write from my higher wisdom. And it said: “Listen to love. You can choose the people in your life and now is the time to choose your associations which empower you, rather than those who belittle”. Reflecting on this I could put a lot of pieces together – how so many people who had their theories about how to live, how relationships have to be lived out, etc. were simply falling off from my life. Learning to let go of them with deep compassion and gentleness is a major lesson that has been coming to me now.

As I acknowledged this lesson, I felt at peace. I asked myself, what is the action that will empower me? And the inner child replied – “take care of me. I wish to create now…for the sake of creating, with no strings attached, with just love. Let go of that class. I am done with it.

And so, with further wakefulness, I simply let go of this class which had been the mainstay of many months for me now. It was time to move on. Time to enjoy. Time to be gentle.

This further led me to understand, that gentleness is a power unto itself. We forget how gentle surroundings, words and feelings made a deepening impact to us. With all these 2012 talks happening, we DO have the power to choose, we do have the power to intend – and this is my intention – I intend to choose gentleness in all my thoughts, words, deeds and actions with myself. And as my inner voice says, this is the wisdom from true power – power that heals.

And as I tune further inward, I realise the question that can keep me on track with this intention is – “Am I being gentle with myself with what I am doing/saying?”

Have you asked yourself this lately?

Eventually, I am grateful for this episode simply because –

1. It taught me to put authority in myself
2. It exposed me to my lowest of lows
3. It taught me deeper self-care

Love prevails.


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  1. September 4, 2011

    i liked the following points:
    1. listen to love
    2. gentleness is a power unto itself
    3. we do have the power to choose
    nice write-up..

    do read my latest article as well: the defying isness

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