The Law of Balance

More profound than the law of attraction which is so hyped about these days is the law of balance. It has been a month since the unraveling of how this works started in my life. It all started with John F Demartini’s “The Breakthrough Experience” where he relates an exercise to understand how this law is continuously operating in your life.

The way I applied it was at that time I was greatly missing someone’s presence. I knew that my lesson in that relationship was to let go, without destroying the connection through any emotional longing. So I decided to give this exercise a try.

In accordance with this exercise, I listed out all the qualities of this particular person that I was missing, as detailed as I could. And then I went on to observe how every single quality is actually present in my life in a different form. There was immediately an emotional turnaround. The whole “missing” was just a psychological game. There was no such longing anymore and in fact, a feeling of deep contentment that everything is being provided for beyond one’s imagination. You see, things are always infinitely present beyond our limited thought patterns. But to be aware of these means to step beyond the existing thought – which means letting go of the attachment to the “forms” in our physical world that these limiting thoughts are attached to. In this case, it was letting go of the attachment to the person’s presence (which is not related to “losing” the person in anyway), based on the mind’s unconscious thought-condition that for me to be happy with my life that person’s physical presence had to be there. In reality the very qualities that the mind required were already present in another physical form.

By repeating this process it is becoming increasingly clear day by day how the universe is poised in perfect balance at any point in time. You see, “need” is a trick conjured up by the ego-mind. There is this constant map made up by the mind like,

love = specific person / specific behavior,

good career = specific career,

…and rising above these maps is where one gets to rise beyond duality and see the steadfast balance that already is.

Another example is where I realized that the emotions I was struggling to balance between very recently were pride and humiliation. When I did this exercise, I realized that the same situations at work that had instilled a false pride in me towards the start of my career were the ones which made me feel humiliation. Truth is, the situations have been just the way they are. The moment this association of either emotions was clear, the attachment to these situations fell. Now either ways, there was a balance.

Another interesting thing was, the moment there was a feeling of pride/humiliation getting triggered from a certain situation, the polar opposite feeling was getting triggered by another situation that came right after. You see, the universe is designed to bring you in balance – and life is designed to keep you there! And the moment you become aware of both these feelings and the situations, there is no attachment or mental obsession over fretting over these anymore.

Even a simple thing as practicing affirmations is designed to bring you in balance. The moment you topple over into obsessing over which affirmation today and what not, a negative situation will arise to bring you “healthy skepticism”. Try and observe this. It is very interesting!

You are and will always be at the center. And everything you do to take yourself to the “other side” won’t keep you there long.

It is funny if you suddenly review your whole life on the basis of this law, you will notice how your life was teaching you the same thing through so many years! Yes, it was keeping you in balance all along. And even the attraction theory must be following this super-law of balance.

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