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Citing personal examples here, one of my core birth patterns was the denial to come out into the world, because of which my birth had developed complications and the doctor in charge had informed my family that I might be already dead by the time I am delivered. This attitude of denial was evident in all areas of my life and I experienced difficulties committing to even the simplest things, such as a study course, relationships, projects at work, etc. Moreover, due to the intense difficulties experienced by the end of the labor term by my mother, a fear became imprinted in my mind that the end of any project, etc. will turn bad. As a result I have suffered from nervous spells and anxiety attacks all my life when my engineering course ended, projects ended, relationships ended, travelling assignments ended, which inadvertently developed complications. Typically one would blame the complications for the anxiety but that is not how reality works. The inner state creates the outer – the subconscious was programmed with this pattern that endings are disastrous. However, within a year after my first breathwork workshop with the Newton’s these patterns started healing and I felt a lot more relaxed towards accepting the natural flow of life when things came to an end.

Weight loss

Though I would sincerely not ask anyone to get into this technique for this purpose, weight loss is a natural fallout of the cleansing one goes through as a part of breathwork. The most common misconception today is that food causes weight gain. This is not true unless you have moved from a warm climate to a cooler one and your body is naturally accumulating the fat to keep itself warm. The truth about weight gain which I have experienced, and validated through so many fellow rebirthers and clients, is that emotions cause weight gain. As mentioned earlier, the mind-body-emotions are ONE cohesive unit. You cannot find a dysfunction in any one of them without finding its corresponding link in the other. The root cause is, of course, thought. Hence, weight is often the emotional buildup that has overflowed from the emotion-body into the physical body. So also, problems of people unable to put on weight inspite of trying hard to is because an emotional drain is happening due to which the body is feeding the emotion, more than it is feeding itself. In most cases, people lose the emotional baggage and hence the physical weight associated with it after a few sessions.

Other Benefits – Health

Our emotional framework is the basis for developing physical addictions of all kinds. This is the reason one experiences urges and cravings for specific foods, specific forms of mental excitement, which drive us and wear our physical body down. It has been observed that after experiencing breathwork sessions, suddenly certain habits fall off. Again citing my own experience, I loss the inclination towards alcohol. Another friend I know lost her constant hunger which used to drive her to eat every so often even when she wasn’t that hungry. We naturally turned towards a more fruit-based diet. This made me realize that more than half of our meal is fed to our emotions and very little is actually required by the physical body. Going further, it made me turn to yoga to enjoy my body more consciously, while since childhood I had been physically very weak and hence was averse to any kind of physical exercise.

Other Benefits – Relationships

One of the most obvious healing that takes place is that you end up healing the relationship with your mother – not only your biological mother, but also earth as a mother. The former is a very powerful transformation that needs to be experienced to be understood as to how powerful the connection with your mother truly is, and how it affects every relationship of your life. Personally, I was driven into spirituality to heal my connection with my mother and I could see a tremendous transformation in this relationship for the first time in the one year following the workshop. The issues which made me suffer were deep-rooted anger that went into spells of rage, hatred, co-dependency and miscommunication. These emotions actually started healing in the workshop which I was unaware of until a year later it struck me how much lighter our exchanges had become. They were further healed through the workshop I underwent for a second time a year later – this time under Leonard Orr’s school through the Breathwork course conducted by his highly experienced students in Pune, India.  This was truly the main reason why I was so inspired to follow Breathwork as a lifestyle (more on this later).

Other Benefits – Money

Though this might come as a surprise to many, money is your emotional hologram in life. The way money flows into and out of your life is a direct reflection of your emotional system. And what better way than the breath to heal it! I personally experienced that healing your emotions and especially the connection with your parents directly impacted my financial health. The time before breathwork I was at odds with my finances, running in debt all the time in almost every place and hated the very talk of money. However, it was acutely revealing when I saw how this was a reflection of my relationship with my mother. It seemed like out of thin air I was attracting free courses that year, following the breathwork program, about how to manage your finances and handle wealth in a spiritually aware way. This made a 180 degree transformation in my personal balance sheet. I could pay off a 3-year old credit card loan, invest, save, cut down my expenditures, get more tax-savvy, received a salary hike, donated to charity and became more generous as a person. At the core it struck me how the attachment to money kept me from enjoying my expenditures which caused guilt, which in turn led to incurring debt. This reflected the pattern with my mother how attachment to her caused me to feel excessively dependent on her, because of which I would block her from expressing her affection towards me, which in turn caused guilt, which made me feel indebted to her and caused me to believe that I would never be able to love her back. J

Other Benefits – Creativity

During breathwork I experienced a reconnect to music – I experienced myself humming in my mother’s womb. I looked up on the net and yes science has validation that a baby makes sounds in the womb for various reasons. In my case, it was to heal myself. I would experience severe cramps in my legs right since then and to heal this, I would hum. The past few years prior to Breathwork I had been completely disconnected from music, inspite of having been trained as a singer since childhood. Breathwork made the connection so instantly that a few months after the workshop I became a part of the production of a music television show! But more profound than that, my voice texture was clearer than I had ever experienced, the sinus problem was greatly reduced and there was a feeling of oneness with life which had been missing all along earlier. Through another incredible creation, within a few months of the workshop, a part of my life journey written by me was published in a book by a Dubai-based publisher publicly for the first time in my life.

Coming back to the point, I do feel Breathwork has made this turnaround possible. Healing the connection with the Earth-Mother means healing all associations of the material/physical world – money, wealth, health, your physical environment, the kind of work you do to support yourself on a day to day basis, your creativity.

Rebirthing-Breathwork sessions

Initially it is highly recommended to go through 10 ‘dry’ breathwork sessions with an experienced breathworker, one with whom you are intuitively comfortable with. A Breathwork therapist is more commonly referred to as ‘rebirther’ because one experiences a rebirth thanks to re-living the in-utero experience.

After that, breathwork sessions can be taken in a bathtub – known as water rebirthing sessions – which can be in warm water first and then cold water. The significance of the warm water is tremendous – it is easy to trigger very vivid in-utero memories through a warm water session and can also be extremely intense. A person might feel the stillness/specific pain that he/she experienced in the womb hours after the session. Cold water is used to trigger fears and heal them. Since both these types can be very intense, it is very much recommended to undergo 10 dry rebirthing sessions first.

In parallel to dry sessions, one can undergo sessions in the vicinity of an open wood fire. These can be extremely powerful in healing childhood loneliness, abandonment and self-worth issues, and also burn away the mind’s toxicity – the root cause of our destructive thought patterns – directly. Excessive emotional inclinations also get greatly reduced through these sessions.

Additionally, one can undergo a breathwork session in an open area, for e.g. lying in a hammock under a tree.

Dr.Newton also conducts earth rebirthing sessions by one getting into a sand pit neck down and then doing the breathwork cycle.

As per our trainer’s manual, a ‘rebirther’ is essentially serving the role of a midwife in the olden days who would deliver babies. Hence, we are trained to practice non-interference with a person’s natural breathwork cycle processing, gently motivating the person to breathe, whenever required. We don’t touch the client unless he/she is going through a very intense experience, in which case we just gently put a hand on his/her shoulder after asking for permission to do so. Moreover, we are taught to be as gentle as possible.

“The Healing Power of Christ, the Magnetism of Mohammed, the Miraculous Power of Moses, the Charm of Krishna, and the Inspiration of the Buddha—all these were attained by Breath.”

~Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan

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  1. August 17, 2016

    Thank you very much for this awesome guide. Your experience made it genuine.

    Can you mention the course name that helped you to manage your finances in a spiritual way that you mentioned on this page? It will help me too.

    Thank you once again. Keep writing.


    • crea
      August 24, 2016

      Hi Avadhut,
      Thanks for reading. 🙂 The course is no longer online. It was on HayHouse Radio in 2011.

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