Task or Relationship?

“emFocus on the relationship, not the task/em”, a friend generously adviced when I kept complaining about not reaching my goal on time thanks to a partner not honoring my timelines. br
When I heard this, it shook me up. And truly when I looked into each of my tasks, I fussed a lot to get it all done regardless of how it made the other person feel. br
This perspective made me question-br
* How do I feel about this person as I am interacting with him/her on this task?br
* What is truly my intention behind this task? Does this other person understand?br
* What is happening to my relationship with this person as a result of this task?br
* What am I discovering about this person through this task? How am I mirroring this in my life right now?br
* What am I discovering about myself through this task? br
* Am I truly listening to the intention behind this person’s behavior?br
* How am I growing through this task?

As I apply this, the way in which I message people, talk to them and ‘work’, is profoundly changing. Tasks don’t necessarily repeat, but the way you relate to people does.

Tasks, projects, goals, situations are just tangents to the being that is You. The only true purpose they serve is to reveal to you something about yourself that is in the shadow.

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