Awakening Abundance – EFT by Brad Yates

One of the EFT masters that I regularly listen to and follow is Brad Yates. Recently I recorded an EFT session on the topic of “Awakening Abundance” by him, which I have been regularly practicing. I have been feeling the intuitive calling to practice this regularly, as well as share it with you.

So here is the written script as spoken by Brad:

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold it… and let it go.

And think about something you’d like to have in your life…it could be a financial thing….you could imagine a stack of money, or a car or a house…could be something else…it might even be the ability to look in the mirror and say, “I love myself”. Think about something that would be wonderful in your life that you don’t have right now. Considering that if you don’t have it right now, part of you is not allowing it. So allow yourself to be aware of what kind of resistance might be coming up. Whatever else you might think. What thoughts, memories might come up around why you couldn’t or shouldn’t have this. And again being aware of the physical sensations you might be experiencing as you think about this. And go ahead and rate that resistance on a scale of 10. 10 being I cannot allow this in my life…runaway. Take another deep breath.

{ “…” indicates pauses }

Karate Chop: Even though I resist good stuff… I choose to love and accept myself anyway. Even though I resist abundance… I choose to love and honor myself anyway. Even though I resist so many good things… ‘cos if they’re not in my life…I’m not allowing them…which might mean I’m just resisting them…I’m sure I have some really good reasons for this…but I’d like to be a little more unreasonable with myself…and allow a lot more good….and even though I resist all this good stuff…I choose to deeply and completely….love, honor and accept myself…and anyone else who may have contributed to this resistance.

Eyebrow: All this resistance to good

Side of the eye: All this resistance to abundance

Under the eye: All this fear of having more

Under the nose: There are things I say I want

Under the mouth: But part of me isn’t allowing them

Collarbone: Part of me is really resisting this good stuff

Under the arm: Whether it is improved health,

Top of head: Or greater wealth,

Eyebrow: Or just a greater ability to love myself

Side of the eye: Part of me is resisting this

Under the eye: Part of me is afraid of this good stuff

Under the nose: What am I so afraid of?

Under the mouth: And who taught me to be afraid of this?

Collarbone: There are things that I do

Under the arm: That move me away from what I want

Top of the head: And there are things I could do

Eyebrow: That would move me towards those things

Side of the eye: That I just do not do

Under the eye: There is a lot of fear behind all that

Under the nose: And I choose to clear this fear

Under the mouth: I choose to clear this at a cellular level

Collarbone: I choose to clear it all the way back to my past

Under the arm: All the way back through my childhood

Top of the head: Back through all those events

Eyebrow: Where I got the idea

Side of the eye: Where it wasn’t safe to have more abundance

Under the eye: That it wasn’t right to have more abundance

Under the nose: That I couldn’t or shouldn’t have abundance

Under the mouth: And even though I couldn’t or shouldn’t

Collarbone: Feel better about myself

Under the arm: All this resistance to loving myself

Top of the head: All this resistance

Eyebrow: To acknowledging myself

Side of the eye: As a unique expression of divine light

Under the eye: If I am really honest with myself

Under the nose: I am pretty darned fantastic!

Under the mouth: And I am worthy and deserving of love and respect

Collarbone: And I am worthy and deserving of abundance

Under the arm: When I really clear this stuff out

Top of the head: And have the freedom to see things clearly

Eyebrow: I can recognize the truth

Side of the eye: That nothing is too good for me

Under the eye: So I might as well allow it

Under the nose: I am allowing this good stuff

Under the mouth: Clearing the remaining resistance

Collarbone: Clearing the fear that other people will be upset

Under the arm: Because a lot of people that I know

Top of the head: Are likewise resisting abundance

Eyebrow: And it might really piss them off if I stop doing so

Side of the eye: Well let them be pissed off

Under the eye: I am tired of depriving myself

Under the nose: Because other people are depriving themselves

Under the mouth: Because they can allow it too

Collarbone: I can stick with them and resist all the good stuff

Under the arm: Or I can allow it and teach them how to do so

Top of the head: Hmm, tough choice

Eyebrow: I choose to be a leader

Side of the eye: So that we can all have more good stuff

Under the eye: And that is an act of love for myself

Under the nose: And for everyone else

Under the mouth: And they’ll appreciate it in the end

Collarbone: I am clearing this resistance

Under the arm: And I’m allowing abundance

Top of the head: In body, mind and spirit

And take a deep breath…and close your eyes and take a deep breath. Go ahead and either look in the mirror or look at whatever it is you were thinking about that you’d like to have and notice what kind of feelings come up.

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  1. July 16, 2012

    Dear Deepti,

    Thanks for the script.
    love light and joy!


    • July 16, 2012

      Dear Samata,
      Thanks so much for dropping by. Hope you found the script useful. 🙂
      In Love & delight,
      Deepti G Gujar

  2. Kapila
    July 22, 2012

    Thanks Deept 🙂 using this one 🙂

    • July 22, 2012

      Dear Kapila, Glad you could…it’s an amazing script! 🙂 lots of love

  3. Supri
    August 2, 2012

    I keep coming back for this EFT Script. Too powerful!!
    Superawesome 🙂

  4. September 20, 2012

    Thank you for the script and thank you for sharing the mp3. Thank you so much..

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