A monologue and Marilyn

There are a few people who make me put the pen to the paper and write – write for the sheer breath of life that can be celebrated by expressing. This is a post dedicated to 2 of them: Woody Allen (though I have blogged about him here) and Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn has always been a reflection of the bewildered child – one who knew “too much” from a very tender age. A time of innocence that was shattered by having to grow up too soon. A time when love turned into sex and a childlike reaching out into seduction. I have adored her ever since I’ve read about her. In a way, I have come to understand my own pain through her. All I ever had to do, was to look at her life and the understanding has flowed.

Today I saw 2 independent posts shared on Facebook about Marilyn. They triggered a deep sensitivity and so I share them.

Marilyn Monroe is alive – by Paulo Coelho


Marilyn’s Unpublished Poems ~ so heartbreaking and honest…


I leave you with a monologue by the second person, Woody Allen – one that mirrors a deep understanding of relationships, like lines drawn on water, and of women. This was shared by a FP’d blogger on WordPress today.

All men fear death. It’s a natural fear that consumes us all. We fear death because we feel that we haven’t loved well enough or loved at all, which ultimately are one and the same. However, when you make love with a truly great woman, one that deserves the utmost respect in this world and one that makes you feel truly powerful, that fear of death completely disappears. Because when you are sharing your body and heart with a great woman the world fades away. You two are the only ones in the entire universe. You conquer what most lesser men have never conquered before, you have conquered a great woman’s heart – the most vulnerable thing she can offer to another. Death no longer lingers in the mind. Fear no longer clouds your heart. Only passion for living, and for loving, become your sole reality. This is no easy task, for it takes insurmountable courage. But remember this, for that moment when you are making love with a woman of true greatness… you will feel immortal.


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