Remembering my Teachers – Happy Teacher's Day

So here is a reminiscence and a dedication to all my Teachers…and hold your breath, there have been many!

I relive the memories where we ‘began’ this lifetime…

  • Mum…when I felt me in you in one of my Breathwork sessions, I recognized you were truly a wonderful teacher to push me not only into the material world, but also into this spiritual world!
  • Dad…when I read an interview in my childhood where an artist said that her father was more of a guru to her, I realised you were my teacher.
  • My brother…when you presented on Quantum Physics in your 9th standard and I was your sounding board, I realised you were my teacher teaching me to wonder about life’s greatest mysteries.
  • Deepak Chopra…when I read Quantum Healing in my 9th standard and spoke about it to a naturopath and changed her views about body and healing, I recognized you were my teacher.
  • Dr.Newton…when you said there is a great Zen Master in you, I knew you were my teacher.
  • Dr.Lakshmi…when I regressed so powerfully for the first time in this life under your guidance, I knew you were my teacher.
  • Paulo Coelho… when I read The Pilgrimage & recently, Eleven Minutes…I recognized you as my teacher and that it is okay to live and write about the bylines.
  • Mauli…when I came crying to your house wanting the whole torment in a relationship to end and you asked, “What if it will never improve?”. I realised, you have always been my guru.
  • Nithya Shanti…that first workshop after which I had an ice cream for the the first time in my life willingly and without pain. 🙂
  • Lao Tzu…when I was put in this group at the PLR workshop and was given his quote, “Before enlightenment you chop wood, drink water. After enlightenment, you chop wood, drink water”
  • Osho…that day you convinced me I was a woman and left my ego dumbfounded.
  • Ma Tzu…your radical ways of being Zen makes me bow down to you.
  • Chris Prentis…the day I was looking for a book on being Zen without talking about Zen (and my mind kept calling me foolish) and I came across Zen and the Art of Happiness.
  • Jacqueline Marie Longstaff…that afternoon when you spoke about Relationships being a gateway to spirituality.
  • Jasmuheen…that day when you spoke about hunger: emotional hunger, spiritual hunger and mental hunger and working with the people of Africa to teach them to live on prana.
At GCSS 2009 with Jasmuheen
  • Brahmarshi Patriji…that evening when I was afraid you were going to slap me for not meditating and instead you sternly told me to go into a dark room and focus on my breath for one hour.
  • Erik Berglund…when I saw you and could see your angel wings with my bare physical eyes and began to cry when you sang.
  • CK…when you spoke about Grace…it changed my world.
  • Susheel…your effortless embrace of truth from your heart, inspite of being so intellectually smart, makes me want to follow mine everyday.
  • Aai…when you spoke about Hinduism never really being a religion…and when I learnt thereafter that you had written the only history book I had enjoyed in my childhood, I wished you were my history teacher! 🙂 You are now! 😀
  • Baba…for You being You. I am humbled to have met you even. Your smile makes me glad to have existed to see it. 🙂
  • Harshad…for your effortless patience and eternal love like a grand river.
  • Mau…ah! your smile and all your chatter that brings so much wisdom!
  • Zaha…for your zest as a child and the wise quip – “It takes no courage to skydive because you know you are going to die in the worst case. It takes courage to give up your job because you know you will have to live through that!” I salute you! 😀
  • Avanti…for teaching me to just listen.
  • Shikha…when I heard you for the first time, I wanted to have your voice and realised what a fool I was to ignore my own! 🙂
  • Shilpa…your effortless sharing of what you’ve learnt.
  • Sangeeta Bhagwat…for sharing from your heart through which I learnt it is okay to be vulnerable in one’s writings…and relationships! 🙂
  • Jahan Bhai…for reading my face every time and giving me a whole crystal shop to cry in for no reason, teaching me that when the heart expands, it’s for no good reason!
  • Dhivya…who showed me the joy of non-violent child-birth.
  • Vinu…who teaches me to be unconditionally loving towards a friend who seldom (if ever) calls and has very few precious things in common. And who makes me laugh every time because I understand his jokes! 🙂
  • For my many clients who push me to reinvent and be a channel of support in infinite ways….each of you is an amazing teacher!
  • For my Inner Child…for teaching me how to have fun and play games and grow younger each day!

…and others like Invictus, Richard Branson, J.K Rowling, The Interpreter, Proof, Hugo, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Byron Katie…etc etc…

Happy Teacher’s Day! 🙂

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  1. Zahabbiya Walbeek
    September 6, 2012

    Thanks alot dear…The highest in me bows down to the Guru in you… 🙂

  2. September 10, 2012

    Dear, you make me proud! You have been a teacher in your own right, showing me the innocent power of a child all the time asking questions to fulfill its own urge for knowledge and keeping the same alive in an adult’s mind. Thank you so much! Love you! Aai

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