Accidentally spiritual

I love browsing the net for new music and videos. The music, movies and videos that touch me are more often than not ‘accidentally spiritual’. So when all too often I sit in my office with a looot of time on my hands and am glued to my computer and desk, I start a journey into the world of  artists.

These days, the one on my mind is Carla Bruni. Her effortless singing is like a musical twist of the French streets. Apart from Quelqu’un Ma Dit which got me hooked to her in the first place, this is my current favorite which makes me simply want to pick up my skirt and pirouette around in my house (which I do in the ample time I have indulging myself 🙂 )


Translations are here

PS: A mail just popped up in my mailbox with the subject “Do not die with the music still inside you”

Ahem. Yes indeed.

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