How it all began

I was 16 when I saw a book called “Quantum Healing” in a bookshop. I’d heard about Deepak Chopra, the author, from an uncle. He claimed it to be something very esoteric at the time. The only word that intrigued me was “quantum”. I was one of those nerdy school girls back then who would carry a pocket dictionary around and read it in every break – in between class periods in school, in between conversations, in recess time, etc. And whenever a word sounded good to me, I would write it in a tiny pocket diary, the size of a folded currency note that I would carry around in my other pocket. I would later put it to use in my essays and reports in the English literature class. It was my favorite pass time back then!

“Quantum” was one such fascinating word. It seemed to whisper about mystical realms. Hence when I got hold of “Quantum Healing”, I felt transformed even before reading the book. I felt so proud of myself that I had bought my first non-fiction book! When I started reading it, I was gripped by it. It was like being caught in a gushing river where you have no control. I read about the neuro-peptides and the entire mind-body chemistry. I also resonated strongly with visualising cancer cells being dissipated. Moreover, it affirmed my lack of faith in allopathic drugs as a way of “curing” the body, that I was until then unconscious about, but strongly felt since my mother was perpetually on these drugs for her migraine.

But the deepest impact it had on me was – I became aware of my body. Is this what it is? I wondered. It was of course years later that an “official” start on a spiritual quest transpired. But since then I’ve always held a fondness for Deepak Chopra.

On my 25th birthday incidentally I was gifted his book, Power, Freedom and Grace, by my beloved teacher, Dr.Newton and it was a full circle of sorts. It was a moment of rebirth for me for I had always carried the indescribable feeling that I would live only until 25.

And today I received this lovely mailer with a link to the 21-day free meditation course – with guided meditations – by the Chopra center, based on the bestseller, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, towards creating abundance.

I have signed up to participate. Would you like to? Here is the link below –

After all the more we meditate just out of experimentation and curiosity, the more fun it gets! 🙂

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  1. Zahabbiya Walbeek
    October 31, 2012

    I know.. I have participated too..

  2. Silence
    November 5, 2012

    I signed up for Deepak Chopra’s class! Thank you

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