Who put this flame,
This desire in both of us,
To draw so close to each other,
One seeking its own?
The face tries to kiss itself in the mirror,
See, how it burns us both now,
So much that suddenly we try to separate
And yet, this very ownership of separation
Tears and gnaws at the heart,
As the mind runs around howling,
like a wounded child
caught while cheating,
Whimpering, swearing, sulking.
Who put this flame…
Without any of our asking,
It’s His to take care of now
I can only write in it’s light
While words happen…
Until the flame burns away
Or disappears one day
leaving only echoes of His laughter,
pushing his caravan
passing through us
Just as it came,
Without a trace.

Thanks to Rumi page on Facebook
Thanks to Rumi page on Facebook
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