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How I love EFT! 🙂

I woke up today morning with a call from my dear friend who was going to do an event with me. She had an emergency and so we had to cancel it. Yesterday I was a bit worried about the event as we didn’t have enough registrations and we were nearing the end date to decide whether we were going to be able to have the event. In my meditation, I saw a vision that I was returning from a movie titled ‘Workshop’ and it had a happy ending. It allayed my fears and to further soothe my chattering mind, I tuned to Brad Yates’ EFT video on allowing abundance. As I started my day comforting my dear friend, calling up people to tell them that the event had been cancelled, there was a great sense of grace and ease. It was a big validation of the fact – that what appears to be is not what is. Often. One would have normally felt insecure, perhaps even hurt that why did this have to happen, and would’ve even seen this a sign of failure. I can see these (phony) trails of thought in me and yet a greater part of me is calm. It sees, senses and smells the grace in this as well. It knows the Flow of life.

I recently shared this on my Facebook page after a meditation session with GD What is important to you at this moment? Your job? Your role as a change maker? Your spouse or a relationship? Your self-image? ‘I’? Whatever it is, it’s a treadmill. What if you sat one day on that thousand-petaled lotus and saw your own little self scurrying around and it hit you – This is all time-pass  Consciousness is yawning. It really doesn’t care that you are changing someone’s life, that you are following giftivism or commercialism, that you are cheating or honest, whether who you meet is a soulmate or not. What if you discovered that by doing any or both of this you are still not as close to God as you thought you would be, because the distance itself is a lie? What if at this moment, in between this read you return to your breath, disconnect those balloons of work, sex, relationships, lover, etc. and say, “I am enough already”? ♥ Thank you GD ♥

For me, until I sat for meditation yesterday, the workshop, the number of registrations was important. Yes I was attached to the outcome. The meditation however took it away and filled my hands with love instead. Today that is what it seems.

And I’ve been doing EFT since morning as thus: (inspired by Sangeeta)

I am willing to step back and see
I am just one of the many cogs in the wheel
Life is happening all around me
And I am just looking up and noticing
The grandness of this overall design
In which I am a dot of reality
Just a speck being moved by the wind
So who am I to question
Is this me or is this not?
Am I ‘doing’ right, or am I ‘doing’ wrong
When this doing is itself a story
Truth is I am in this river called life
In fact I am this river itself in flow
All is mine, and nothing is personal
It is just like a song universal
And I am happy to be in the chorus, singing along
Willing to step back and observe
I am not there at all.

PS: The Brad Yates EFT video I tapped on is this.

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  1. January 30, 2013

    I really enjoyed. And I needed to hear it this morning. I liked the Brad Yates tapping video, too!

  2. February 1, 2013

    Thanks Deepti, though I am not sure how I inspired this 🙂 But isn’t it wonderful how life brings us exactly those experiences that we need to practice what we have learnt? Lovely, how you dealt with it 🙂

    • February 1, 2013

      Oh well forgot to explain that! You know how your EFT scripts are like poetry? I wrote this to myself and then remembered how you tap so poetically on this stuff, and I started tapping and saying this to myself.
      Karate Chop: I am willing to step back and see
      Eyebrow: I am just one of the many cogs in the wheel
      Side of the Eye: Life is happening all around me
      Under the Eye: And I am just looking up and noticing
      ….etc. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Love and light

      • February 1, 2013

        Oh cool 🙂 nice

        love and light

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