Going further with The Four Agreements

I consistently do my best to practice the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I’ve seen that the more I align with them, the more effortless and flowing life becomes. At times I forget. And I am glad this time my favorite author, Sangeeta Bhagwat, has blogged about this to remind me once again the beauty of seeing life through the lens of these agreements. I first learnt it in Nithya Shanti‘s HADAYOLI Joyshop years ago and it has still been my favorite takeaway. I love the fact that it simplifies life so much.
Highly recommend this below read so that even if you cannot get to reading the book, which I myself haven’t read, just knowing and practicing these simple agreements can bring about a beautiful change. Love and Light 

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  1. May 6, 2013

    The Four Agreements are such a comprehensive way to address our daily challenges. They have played an immense role in my own journey. I hope more people learn about them and benefit from their incredible strength. So thank you for reblogging the post!

    Love and light

    • May 7, 2013

      Yes… Thank you tons Sangeeta… I hope a lot of people read this…love and light 🙂

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