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Breathwork is a wonderful tool to take you to higher consciousness. A few days ago I did a Breathwork session for a lady who experienced great wisdom in the final stage of the session where you merge with the Source or as Leonard Orr puts it, “experience divinity in your cells“. She could see that the love she was seeking in partners was available with Source that was within her. It was clear to her, experientially, how Source and God are not the same thing because of the many religious connotations in her mind related to the word “god”. She could see Source isn’t male or female. “God punishes” was her belief but Source just is. This dismantled another core belief. Love, she described, was “food” for her soul. And mistakenly she looked to people to give it to her. She received clarity that Source is the only place to look for love, and the companions or partners are simply people you share the “food” or love with. Over the next few days she started dismantling all the toxicity in her life – she left the workplace which was too stifling for her and started listening to her body. She bared her emotions to a man she was in love with to whom she could not express the feelings of betrayal, anger and resentment she carried, probably out of fear of losing love, letting go of him. She is on her way to creating a life of peace and exploring some of her core interests.

Interestingly when we started working together, she was feeling an acute numbness – she had been travelling extensively and was in a hectic, stress-filled IT job that gave her no time to process her emotions. There was no time to grieve over broken relationships that had transpired over the years. Through the session she could open the door to a gush of feelings within her. Even though she didn’t cry during the session, a huge release was happening just through breath. After the session she was in a sacred place. She described coming home to herself finally. She had tears rolling down for she had never experienced peace at such a deep, physical level.

And unbelievably all of this was happening in a hotel room, where we were doing this session due to various reasons. She was deeply into Bach Flower therapy. She had been intuitively using them for the past several years to heal herself. I had myself sought advice from her quite successfully at one point.

This session humbled me. As a part of Breathwork all I do is guide people to “birth” themselves through Breath. There is no spiritual mumbo-jumbo involved. And yet I am unprepared for every session. All I do is invoke the presence of Mahavatar Babaji and ascended masters at the start of the session.

Recently I did sessions for someone who loved drugs (not an addict though) for the high that it gave him and he was elated at finding an alternative way of experiencing bliss, with a difference that instead of taking him “out of the world” it brought him straight home into the body, and the effects stayed for a very long time. It cleared his head and vision for the first time. He had not been into any kind of spiritual practice before.

I cannot help but imagine how many avenues could be explored just through the power of Breath. Every spiritual text on earth talks about breath. It is my intention that more and more people are drawn to explore breath as a way of experiencing Source at a cellular level in the body. We deserve to feel at home in our body. I have experienced this bliss and I continue to do so with every session of Breathwork. And each time the love affair with Breath deepens.


“Genuine breathworkers are different. They may happen to be doctors or therapists, or professional counselors, and so on; but in the practice of breathwork, they are nothing more than caring people who have derived great personal benefit from the
process, and feel confident enough to share it with others”
– Dan Brule

Grateful to be one of these and grateful to all the teachers and Mahavatar Babaji for guiding me to this technique.

There are many forms of Breathwork in the world today. The one I use is perhaps the simplest, the most basic of all, brought about by Leonard Orr, called Rebirthing-Breathwork. You can read details of what it is here. If you feel called to explore this with me, please drop me a line at [email protected]. I practice in Pune & Mumbai, India. Love and Light

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