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Last month a long-held desire came true. I wanted to reach a greater audience through my articles. I had tried approaching a magazine that finds a wide circulation in India which carries a wide variety of articles on healing, self-help and transformation called Life Positive. However, it had not worked out and I let it go at that. I remember being disappointed about it and talking to a dear friend who gently encouraged me to continue writing anyway. This was February this year. Last month, effortlessly, it so happened that the editor included a part of what I had written on vulnerability in their cover story. I was delighted, and very grateful!

Here is the link to the cover story on vulnerability published on the Life Positive website:
My short prose is boxed on the right side in the article.

Vulnerability is the capacity to walk through life without armour or defence, knowing that just being ourselves is enough. ~Suma Varughese

This month, my article on Affection – Are we missing it? has found its way in the magazine. Friends have been writing in and telling me how simple and yet thought-provoking it is. Incidentally, I was touched by the reception to this article when Hay House author, Dr. Christiane Northrup shared it on her Facebook page saying:

Yesterday I talked about how therapeutic a good cry can be. So can simple affection as this lovely blog so beautifully states. Let me know your thoughts!
– Dr. Christiane Northrup, 15-January-2013

It got a lot of people reflecting on how something so simple is just getting missed out in our ever-growing rush to get somewhere in life. One can easily guess what are the repercussions of a touch-deficient society and perhaps we are all seeing them. I invite you to go through this article and see what reflections it evokes in you. Chances are you’ll become more conscious of how much affection, or lack of it, influences you on a day to day basis. Thank you for reading. Thank you, Life.


Special thanks to Sangeeta Bhagwat for the role she played in this fulfillment. Thank you for your angelic guidance Sangeeta! And thank you Suma. 🙂

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