Beautiful Gratitude

Today I stood at a traffic signal in the hot afternoon sun on my scooter and saw a lovely mosque. It seemed to be brand new and stood at the turning in front of me – the fresh paint, the simple lattice work, the beautiful green dome with a golden top glinted in the sun. In that moment, the thoughts in my head, the rush hour traffic around me, the heat on my bare arms evaporated. I was in the arms of beauty. It was a regular mosque in the city. But something about it gave me a Gratitude Pause Moment of the day.

Yesterday a friend of mine who is experimenting with heart-centred meditation for the first time in his life was sharing how he had lost his heart connection for sometime during the day. I told him to shift to gratitude in those moments and that seemed to click with him. I often do that to shift into the present moment from the spin in my head.

Today I found this video about a 365-day Gratitude project. I loved the small, simple idea. Hope you feel inspired to make a gratitude list of your own. It really multiplies the blessings!  🙂

PS: I am grateful that my blog stats have gone UP! Thank you for reading!

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