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Recently I did a past life regression for a client who experienced a “wound” or a block at the back of her throat. Her query for going into a regression was to find clarity about her career. She was wondering if she should pursue being a doctor. She also had a great love for singing and had studied it off and on but never really pursued it full-time. During the regression as she explored this stuckness at the back of her throat she went into a lifetime where she was a musician. During the integration of how that related to this life, she became aware of the belief that she needs to suffer, to delay her happiness, in order to deserve it. This led to her ignoring the pursuit of music which was her heart’s calling. Her mind though didn’t allow it because she received instant joy from it. In the process of regression, her body didn’t allow that to remain hidden anymore. In my experience, such unconscious wounds manifest into diseases or sickness.

For over a year my intuition kept saying that I was ready to do healing and music full time. I ignored it for financial reasons. I kept getting sicker and sicker for a year. Undiagnosed. Until a check showed me that my vitamins were super low. At one level, I attributed it to my diet of being a vegetarian. At a deeper level, I asked what do vitamins really mean? Vitality came the answer. Where was I feeling alive? The answer was – nowhere. I was sapping my own vitality by not doing things that made me feel alive on an everyday basis. It has been a year since I quit my job to pursue activities like writing, singing, traveling and anything else that fills me with joy. Yet today the stress of having a negligible bank balance is nothing compared to the stress of feeling dead and numbed by my mundane IT job.

For healers, their clients are more often than not mirrors of something that is healing within them. Like this client above, I tend to delay singing, which has been my passion since childhood. One day I was feeling unusually restless. My mind was super active and I had started getting frequent headaches. Meditation didn’t help. My bowel movements were upset too which my Ayurvedic doctor said was owing to too much mental activity. I sat down and asked my body, “What is it that you want?!”, much like a frustrated mother. I felt a lump in my throat and the diaphragm vibrate as if I was singing. I got my tanpura machine out and started tuning my voice. In the 2 hours that I spent then, the restlessness ceased, the mind quietened. For a few days I started practicing regularly. My digestion got better. I felt energised, rather than exhausted after each practice session. Today even as I write this, it is again a reminder for me to restart my regular practice, for just last night, I had a vivid dream of singing with a full throat, operatically. The subconscious finds ways to communicate to our conscious self. And I choose to listen rather than ignore this second sign (the first sign being the client).

Dr.Newton Kondaveti, my past life regression teacher, has written a book called Consciousness Heals which talks about how the body is a hologram of your subconscious mind. He loving quotes to us often, “the body never lies“. The signs of discomfort that our body shows are messages. Even though some of us know this and have practiced listening to the body and seeing the success behind it in the past, we get lazy, or fall back into the old groove of things and start ignoring our body language. It is so easy to go to a doctor, get a prescription, get a few drugs and go back to the same way of living. But what if we stopped for a moment and looked deeper? My earliest beliefs about my body were that it is just there. I almost treated it like a machine. I popped pills like Crocin, etc. without a second thought. Until I read Deepak Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing when I was about 17 years old. I was stunned by the outlook of how the mind is an energetic entity present in every cell of the body. Hence, effectively our body is like an intelligent, ever-alert organism that is listening to our thoughts 24×7. It not only listens to those thoughts, but organically feels those thoughts and shapes itself accordingly.

In another spontaneous healing months ago I was sitting in GD‘s Sunday sessions and felt like crying. I was tired of being sick owing to one year of regular fevers and indigestion. I was on a heavy Ayurveda course but I felt like I was hanging by a thread. I was afraid to die. That Sunday I was also very tensed and scared. Through the session, something GD said triggered me and I started crying copiously. The thoughts that went on in my mind were, “why do I have to have this body?! I hate this body! I just want to die and get it over with!” I had spontaneously processed a past life conditioning that the body is a burden to the soul. Hence, I was dreading paying attention to it. After that catharsis and looking at the root thought i.e the body is a burden, I felt much lighter than I had in over a year. I stopped taking the weakness so seriously. I was calmer while paying attention to the body. At the same time, GD’s advaitic reminder that “you are not the body, you are not the mind“, finally started to open up a greater awareness. This same thought was being used earlier to escape the body, rather than treat the body as an instrument of the divine, a mistake a lot of Advaita followers do.

There are so many other ways in which body needs to be addressed instead of just through diets, cancer and exercise. Leonard Orr, pioneer of Rebirthing-Breathwork and Immortality in his book The Owner’s Manual writes about how the element of Earth relates to our body. In that he mentions that not only is regular fasting a powerful way of earth purification that heals the body, but also your career. There is a wonderful affirmation he gives:

I daily make valuable contributions to the aliveness of myself, others and of humanity.

I am tempted to think that our favorite singers, filmmakers and artists who make us come alive are the biggest healers on this planet right now. I love watching an American television series called So you think you can dance and I am deeply moved by the sheer quality of heart and soul they put into dancing. In some sequences it feels like they are moving the whole world through their body. It transcends competition. And it almost always makes me get up and sing with more passion, or do yoga with more zest.

The other ways I have found to relate to the body are – blessing the water that I drink or have a bath with, inspired by Massaru Emoto’s Water Experiment. Chanting the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” before I start cooking, inspired by my grandmother who cooked the most delicious food ever. Blessing the food on my plate with the mantra “Krishnarpan” – dedicating the food to Lord Krishna and invoking his presence who transformed the poison in the 14th century saint, Mirabai’s body (since we are exposed to so many chemicals in the food we are served regularly), asking him to transform it into Light. Silently sending gratitude and abundance to all who conspired to bring it to my plate. Sleeping a good 10 to 12 hours a day that makes me feel refreshed and happy. I also “verify” some of my decisions by passing that thought through my body and checking how the decision feels in my body. Usually, intuitions, knowingness arrive at a bodily level too.

I came across another interesting case through a friend of mine who is a tarot card reader. As she looked up the cards for a health issue a client was going through, the cards said that this lady had suppressed her romantic feelings in a past relationship which led to an upset in her body. Somewhere she had begun to get a message that her romantic nature is not okay with this past lover which led to her childlike enthusiasm being suppressed. She was quite shocked to discover this and as she went on to make a list of what her romantic desires were, her own comfort with herself increased. This subsequently alleviated her symptoms.

Recently, the Hay House newsletter carried the following excerpt:

Now I was watching Lissa Rankin—a doctor in today’s generation of new thinkers. Her patients aren’t the Baby Boomers who grew up on fast-food, sugar-coated cereals and excessive dairy products. Many of Lissa’s patients are joggers, juicers and health nuts. They eat their green vegetables, exercise daily and watch their weight. Yet many of them still have the same problems that we all have—they are feeling sick, tired and headachy and they aren’t sleeping well, still gaining weight and losing their drive to carry on another day.

The turning point for Lissa was when she decided to ask her patients a very critical question: “What does your body need in order to heal?” She didn’t expect the answers she heard: “I need to quit my lousy job” “I need to forgive my father.” “I need to write my novel.” “I need to leave my toxic relationship.”

Then Lissa told her patients something they didn’t expect either. She said that they could write their own prescription and optimize their chance of being cured of any health conditions that might plague them. She did her research and had scientific proof that they could heal their lives.

The best prescription for your health is written by you alone. And slowly I guess all of us are waking up to the fact that how can another person based on certain, however elaborate studies, be the authority for what fix you need to apply to your body to “set it right” when it was never a standard machine in the first place? 

With gratitude to author Chitra Jha for her FB update on the body’s wisdom.

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  1. Chitra
    December 2, 2013

    Almost 20 years back I was told I can never conceive by a team of expert doctors. The moment I heard it I knew instinctively that it not for anyone else to decide whether I will have a child or not. Within a few months I conceived and the most precious baby was born. The whole experience was nothing short of a miracle and throughout my pregnancy books of great spiritual people came into my hands to be read and behold ! Your blog brought back all the precious memories. THank you.

    • December 4, 2013

      Wow! That is so wonderful Chitra. Thanks for sharing this… Much love.

  2. December 2, 2013

    Good post. Knew about it through the post of Nitya Shanti. It is really good. Will try to apply those tips someday but before that I will have to go through training. Will try it. Congrats again.

    • December 4, 2013

      Thanks for dropping by Sushant. Some simple practices like blessing your water can be applied right away… 🙂
      Hope you feel inspired to do so.
      Take care. Love and Light

  3. December 2, 2013

    Liked it! I am amused by the mind-body relationship ever since I read a bit about it in one of the self help book. I liked the ways of blessing water and food you mentioned here. I should do it! Thanks!
    Can you help me by suggesting books which talks about such healing practices.

    • December 4, 2013

      Hi Swati, I don’t know of one single book. I usually adopt what feels right at that moment intuitively. Currently, Leonard Orr’s Breathwork and associated books on Immortality, Fire practices and Owner’s Manual are what are guiding me. If you are looking for something specific, mail me and I can guide you to a resource. Much love and thanks

  4. December 2, 2013

    Yes… And the symptom is not just a warning sign but also often a healing in itself …

    Also When u feel the body, u heal the body… My take.

    • December 4, 2013

      Yes if one goes deeper into the sensations and allows them to take their own course, it is the only healing required. But that is also not an absolute 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your take Bhaavin.

  5. Phoenix19
    December 7, 2014

    HI. Your blog interests me. How do I start with past life regression?

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