It’s a fluctuating time for this earth at the Swadhishtana (sacral chakra) level. We have just moved past the age of the Masculine and are heading towards the age of the Feminine. Some say we are already in it. However the energetic truth is that we are in transition. I come across men who are extremely frustrated with not knowing who they are supposed to be as ‘men’. Women are intensely agitated because they want to be accepted with their own sexuality without being labeled whores. The other side is that increasing number of men are into the healing arts and I have had the privilege of meeting these amazing men who are so much more connected to the Divine than most women I have met! The other side for women is that women who have bought into inner bravado are becoming tired of corporate culture, finding themselves with PCODs, infertility and a disconnection from their feminine processes because they have been playing a man in their own mind too long. Another angle of this evolutionary phase is that sexual molestation, rapes are becoming too common. It’s like the saying, “things get worse before they get better”. It’s the spike of masculine aggression before it drops. We are in transition. Trying to define one’s own masculinity or femininity is like trying to build a house on running water in this phase. And the game of existence is that the sacral chakra is the one responsible for identity! The best self talk, if you are aware of being affected like this, is to tell yourself that you are both, the masculine and the feminine. Because the masculine and feminine are just qualities. They have nothing to do with gender. Every place where this identification is held too close, the mind will suffer.

-Observations from the Higher Self

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  1. December 20, 2014

    Interesting thoughts. I think that self-actualized individuals have integrated the masculine and the feminine. It’s an individual process as well as a global process. It’s interesting to here your thoughts. It reminds me of cleaning out a closet. Things are always messier before they get better.

    • December 21, 2014

      Yes it appears that way… 🙂 for some, this journey is already made. Love and light. Thanks for the read.

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