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About a year ago I was asked to do past life regression work for the two protagonists of this documentary film. The documentary is about discovering India in ways no one has discovered her before. It was in this process that they discovered a bizarre and dramatic case of a past life recall in an Indian village that led them to undergo regression themselves.

It was heartening to see the documentary receive crowdfunding enough to get it made. It will be screened today at NCPA Mumbai ‘s Little Theater at 6.30pm. I will be there alongwith friends I’ll be connecting to after very long because of whom I got connected to the protagonists in the first place.

Grateful to the weird generous unfolding of life. Do comment if you will be joining. 🙂

Event link

PS: If you wish to undergo past life regression, Inner child healing, Rebirthing-Breathwork or a couple’s counselling session, please drop me a mail at [email protected]. If you comment on my post, please put your email id instead of your number for me to revert back. Thank you. Love!

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