Poem: To The One Right Here

One day you shall wake up
And notice something has left
That sense, something is wrong with you,
Something feels amiss
Something needs to be done
Will all be gone.
And instead replaced with
Effervescent gratitude
Bubbling like wisps of gold
In all the places you were broken
One day you shall wake up
And notice your body feels healed
The cells are new, awashed with freshness
You begin to recognize there is nothing hidden
No secrets kept within your body
Only filaments of light
Glowing in symphony
One day you shall wake up
And find that all your search is over
Your beloved is next to you
And there’s no fear in you, no clinging,
No alarms to push you,
Just a dawn among chirping birds breaking
That day you shall wake up
As Love. As Rhythm. As Silence. As One.

– Dedicated to my Beloved partner for whom I wrote this and later understood how much I was talking to myself really. <3

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