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Hi dear one!
Today is an exciting day for me. It is the official launch day for my book, “Transforming Your Life” where I have penned one of the 11 stories with 10 other extraordinary people around the world who have transformed their life in some extraordinary way. It also means that I’ve just become a published author with Amazon for the first time! Yeyyyyyy! 🙂

My story is about how the most difficult relationship in my life changed everything I understood about love, relationships and set me on a path of self transformation.

I am looking for people who want to read my story and contribute to me as an author by writing me a review. :

If you have followed my blog posts and have done healing work with me, you have been a part of my journey to help me become a better writer. It would mean a LOT if you could support me officially as well as an author.


Since many friends had asked me, I’ve made the book free just for the next 24 hours. If you click the below link to Amazon, I’ve lowered the price of the Kindle version to 0. So do click it and download it before the launch period gets over by tomorrow.  


So here are the steps –
1. Join our Facebook group where you will get to meet all the authors virtually –
2. Buy the book here –
Once you buy it, let me know via mail or Facebook. 🙂
3. Read my chapter which is second last.
4. Go to this link again – – and write me a review mentioning my name and be generous with the stars! <3
5. Of course, feel free to go through the chapters from other wonderful people around the world too!


And that’s it!
I am so honored that by reading this you will get to know a big part of my life and our connection will deepen.
Thank you from all my heart and soul <3 🙂
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