Flower Of Life

What would you feel if you woke up one day having glimpsed all the lives you’ve lived before?

What would it be like to live life knowing you will be here, on Earth, forever with all the people around you?

When I started seeing life through this perspective, it started changing me. I no longer could judge life on the basis of one incident or one relationship. There was a lot more to this life than I was allowing, I sensed.

As I began accepting the vastness, I was drawn to share this understanding with those who were looking for evidence of their own grandness. Thus CRÈA was born. The word occurred first and the abbreviation that caught up with it was – “Creating Awakenings

CRÈA is simply a dream, a symphony that in its essence imbibes creation. I had a vision when this word occurred to me – of guiding a group of people to see and sense their eternal nature, the inner self or soul, and establishing a communion with it on a day to day basis.

And by sharing my journey through this blog, through one on one sessions, conversations, workshops and everything else that I feel guided to do, I inch closer and closer to this vision.

We don’t need to fix ourselves. Our urge to experience oneness with our divinity, our creator, God, is enough to transform us, melt us into the recognition of it.

Like the leaf that fell that awakened Lao Tzu, CRÈA is just a happening.



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