Heart to Heart Retreat

What would happen if you were moved by your body to open up pathways to your heart?
In the land of the rishis we take you on a journey to open your heart through secret pathways beyond our mind’s understanding. Breathe into the mountains and the ancient trees which have born witness to many realised ones over centuries through Breathwork. Allow the sacred union to happen with you and the universe through Yoga. Celebrate who you truly are when your mind no longer holds the key to your heart through Dance. We bring you a retreat which where we work with the elements to open up to your sacred self….in deeply centered ways.

stuti-profilepicStuti Singh, owner of Sutra Wellness, is a Hatha Yoga teacher who trained as a teacher from Sivananda Ashram after deepening her own practice for several years. She believes yoga helps to create a peaceful and obstacle free space within the body to live. She is highly sensitive to the needs of others and loves holding space with a high awareness of the body and its connection to the divine. A nomad at heart, she is on constant move and loves traveling, photography and hiking.


Deepti G Gujar, owner of CREA, has been practising Rebirthing-Breathwork and other alternative therapies for 6 years. Clairsentience resulting into kinesthetic empathy comes naturally to her. Over the years her spiritual journey has taken a turn towards developing a fine tuned, body-oriented spirituality and she leads people into sacred spaces into themselves through breathwork and aromatic oil massages. She loves writing, sings professionally and also guides coaches around the world through her intuitive readings.

15th to 17th September 2016


Rishis International Resort, Rishikesh


Early bird before 15th August – Rs.14,000/- all inclusive (3 days and 2 nights)
                   Post 15th August – Rs. 16,000/- all inclusive (3 days and 2 nights)
Last date of registration: 1st September, 2016. Entry only by prior registration.
Maximum number of participants: 10


To register please click here. To reach out to us, please call us at +91-8793960600.