Mom’s Recipes

One of the best things about my mom is the limitless advice we as a family have received and relied upon successfully for several years.
And most of them relate to recipes – yes recipes for good health. We are incredibly fortunate that she is so obsessed with good health – and good food (goes without saying I guess!) – that we have avoided trips to doctors thanks to her home remedies.
Now though, after listening to a lot of my friends, I’ve realised that many of us in India have these recipes and homemade quick fixes handed down over generations. This is a page where I share not only the ones from my family, but also from those of my friends.

Here are some that I have successfully tried over the years –

Remedy for a sore throat and common cold – the “chai kaadhaa” (tea concoction)

1 lemongrass shoot
Few mint leaves
Few tulsi leaves
1 teaspoon – Everest chai masala
1 teaspoon – jyeshthamadh powder
1 teaspoon – Pipri mood powder(also called peepramul)
Small piece of fresh ginger(as per taste) – smashed
1 spoon of chai (black regular tea powder as available in an Indian market)
A pinch of salt
A dash of ground black pepper

Add these in a vessel with 1 and a half cups of cold water. Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes on a low flame. Turn off the heat and keep it covered for about 5 minutes. Add honey or jaggery to a cup and strain the concoction into it. Not only is this instantly restorative, but is also very healing for common cold and sore throat.

Other remedies for sore throat…

1. Gargle at night before sleeping and first thing after waking up with a teaspoon of turmeric and salt in a glass of warm water(as warm as your throat can handle)
2. Keep 2-3 pills (the tiny homeopathic kinds) of this weird tasting ayurvedic medicine called “Kanth sudharak vati” on your tongue and let the juices do the work over the next few hours. This is a very popular remedy in Maharashtra. Best one I have tried yet is the one by Shree Dhanvantari Pharmaceuticals(+919921425021) in Pune. Keep these pills as often as you feel like. Soothes the scratchy throat condition infinitely in seconds and leaves you with a sweet after-taste.
3. For milk lovers, one well-known remedy is having warm milk before sleeping, with a teaspoon of turmeric and salt in a cup. Some even add sugar instead of salt, but salt is considered to be better.

P.S: These recipes may not suit everyone, simply because these medicines can produce a lot of heat in the body.

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