“Troubled by my past, suffering in deep pain I was looking for someone who not only help me to come out of misery but also to understand root cause of suffering. I came across a site on Breathwork session when I put “Buddhist therapist in pune” in Google. My first meeting with Deepti ensured my inner self that I am at right place. My Breathwork session started every weekend continued till ten sessions. After every session I felt that some past has left me. Each Breathwork session started adding a new hope, new happiness and most important the inner peace for which I was striving for years. Rebirthing session with the element fire helped in healing fast. In one line: Feeling Good.”
– Amit K, Quality Assurance

“I came to Deepti for my long deep rooted issues like depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and low self-respect. I was criticizing myself lot. I felt guilty too a lot of times for very small reasons. We worked to find the root cause for these issues. I went through Inner Child Work sessions. She knew many techniques and used combination of those to get to the root cause and heal. My root cause was guilt and got to know through past life regression session along with ‘Other hand writing technique’. Deepti helped me to resolve most of my issues. I thank her from bottom of my heart. She has a deep knowledge of how the mind works, past life regression and other related techniques. She is very co-operative, free, enthusiastic, and has answers to most of your questions. You can share anything with her. She is honest and professional. I once again like to thank her for her great help and support.” 
– B. G, Software Developer

“Before the PLR with Deepti, I had different sessions with other people. In those sessions I came to know that something bothered me, which was not part of myself. It felt like something/someone was taking part of my life, within myself and was blocking me to do things for myself within my own life. During the session, which took a few hours, I had a PLR. Deepti really helped me along the way and was able to guide me through the process. The session itself gave me a lot of answers and insights, which still help me each day. Because of the PLR I am now able to leave this piece of me as it is and lets me focus on the things and assignments I have in this life. The entire session gave me the feeling of being freed.”
– Thabor Walbeek, IT Project Manager

“Deepti has a rare gift of presence and sensitivity which she brings to her work and life. She did ‘Inner child’ work with me- better called Inner child play perhaps. And I sensed shifts in my awareness. She brings a depth of understanding that is precious. And an ease with her being which enables her to create a space that is healing. There is a spontaneous intuitive connection I felt that was very helpful in the process.”
– Kiran Gulrajani, Chief Ecological Officer, CoEvolve

“It was the first time I was getting this therapy [Rebirthing-Breathwork] done, didn’t know what to expect. The details that Deepti gave before, during and after the session were good to understand and set my expectations. I have seen results that she spoke about that were suitable in my case. Would love to finish off all the sessions if the universe helps me to :-)”
– Zahabbiya Walbeek, Yoga teacher, “Yoga For All”

“I am glad I have met Deepti in this phase of my life when I most needed it and when Medical Science did not help me at all. In the recent past I was a victim of Migraine and doctors prescribed medication only made the situation worst. Fortunately Deepti knew what I was going through and she became my angel.
One evening after her work she came to meet me when Migraine was bombarding me. She performed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) along with me. After 15 minutes my headache stopped. The technique worked! And I repeated the same for couple of days more. Now it has been 2 months and there are no signs of Migraine what so ever. I live a lighter life now. My gratitude to Deepti”
– Avanti Thakare, Housewife

“The technique and the session really helped me take a critical decision about my life and I consider myself very fortunate to have known you personally and to have gone through the session. I was emotionally very disturbed during that time and extremely confused as I was just not being able to decide what was right and what was wrong. I knew there is definitely a connection between our past lives and this life and I was hopeful that I might find the answer to my confusion through the session.
My session started with the question for which I wanted the answer as Deepti clarified this to me that you have to be very specific as to what you would like to understand and learn from this session. She took my through the session and initially, the only thing that came to my mind was, am I reciting a movie story!!!! But the sensations I felt, particularly the pain I felt for some time made me realized that this was my story and further strengthened my belief in this technique.
In the end, I was left absolutely clear about the situation that I was facing, why things are happening this way in this life and I got all the answers to my confusion. I took the decision that was meant for me and now I am truly happy about the way things turned out. Thanks Deepti”
-Namrita Negi, Management Consultant

“I have heard of past lives. I have heard of future lives. I have heard of the journey of the soul. But I had never heard of taking a trip to one of these lives and experiencing that life all over again. Deepti is my rewind, stop and play button. Her PLR sessions took me into a life of a shepherd; where I rediscovered my love for nature and has now set me on my current path. She took me to a life where I experienced true, blissful love. [Read more here]
Her both pre and post sessions are intense and very enlightening of the Self. They are empowering and give so much perspective to the situation. Her observation and advice at the close of the session sets the ball of reform rolling.
I have loved her sessions and continue to do so.”
-Vaibhav Dugar, Founder, Ek Titli.Org

“I stumbled across Deepti’s website as I was looking on the internet for switch words to help with the situation I was facing. I emailed Deepti and very promptly received a detailed response which was a true affirmation of her genuine care and concern to help others out of the goodness of her heart. I felt an immediate connection with Deepti and her advice resonated with me. I followed her advice daily which involved advice on more than just switch words and am pleased to report that I got the results I wanted. Besides that, Deepti helped me realize the importance of inner child work and to really make the journey to get to know myself better. I am truly grateful to Deepti for her intuitive guidance and genuine concern to help me. I hope to be able to do more work with Deepti in the future and highly recommend her to those seeking to spiritually rediscover themselves.”
-Itida, USA

“I stumbled upon her profile on the internet. It stated that she is a Past life regression therapy, Inner Child work and Rebirthing-Breathwork therapist. I had some questions on my mind and I didn’t know how to sort them… was going through a very emotionally sensitive phase. I wrote a mail to her with a query and I got a prompt reply. I was really surprised. This question-answer session went on for quite some time, till I decided I am ready to take a PLR session to sort my deep rooted issues. Deepti guided me through out. The session was amazing – my main question got answered. The pre and post sessions were intense too. After PLR, she suggested I also meditate regularly and continue with ICW and EFT. I have taken her as my healer. Today, I feel much lighter, positive and aware. And it is a nice and warm feeling that I know she is always there to guide me. My deep gratitude, love and light to you my Deepti.”
– Soni, Advertising Professional 

“I did 10 session of Breathwork with Deepti after having tried multiple meditation techniques and still seeing no change in any aspect in my life except perhaps giving me a sense of superiority over the ‘spiritual virgins’ I know. I started out thinking this would be another technique which would only confuse me more but I was surprised to start getting results from the 4th of 5th session itself. Deepti comes across as the girl-next-door but has a very powerful presence during the sessions which guides you gently and wonderfully through your breath cycle and makes you experience your own energy and the bliss that follows after doing it. I have definitely found the ‘golden key’ of sorts to transform my life in a warm and wonderful way, atleast I’m sure I’ve taken the first few steps forward. Thanks a ton for it Deepti!”
-Sunaina Chandra, Entrepreneur

* PLR – past life regression
* ICW – inner child work
* EFT – emotional freedom technique


To book a session, write to me at [email protected]


  1. January 6, 2013

    I met her at a Spiritual congress …. And then, in Pune for a brief, casual catching up … Out of nowhere, over just a coffee, I ended up confessing to her a couple of things that were disturbing me … The kind of things I’d be most unlikely to speak about with anyone on a quick, casual meet … Deepti is almost mesmeric … Add to that, the ability to laugh and a terminal sense of humor and wisdom … And it makes an awesome combination … Will look forward to a session with you sometime …

  2. Anonymous
    July 14, 2015

    I had approached Deepti to understand the root cause of a certain fear of mine. From my experience, I knew that once you understand the cause the problem disappears. I visited her with an open mind and we discussed much more than just that particular fear. We discussed relationships and ailments etc.
    I have to say that she certainly has a lot of knowledge in her field of work. She explained my ailments in a way I had never thought of them. She conducted the session very well. She found a way for my subconscious to answer my questions. On a friendlier note, I would like to add that she is a warm, trustworthy and wonderful person who is also knowledgeable and damn good at what she does!

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