Words Matter

We all talk to ourselves. Sometimes these thoughts are just “mental chatter”.  But once you start becoming aware of what you think, you can turn around situations by merely changing the way you talk to yourself.

Recently, I have started writing letters to myself… but in second person. I have realized that through this I am able to access my Wise Self as I call it, who helps me deal with situations I get too emotionally carried away with normally. Plus, I get some very comforting messages!

Experientially, I have also practiced doing past life regression through writing. It has been healing even though its effect lasted for a much shorter duration than regression done the ‘normal’ way.

But I was most successful practicing spirituality, as taught to me by experience, was by actively changing my “thinking language” through the following ways –

  1. Dropping the “not”s and the “no”s in our thinking – For instance, when we think, “I don’t want to be late”, replace it with the thought, “I want to be there at the right time”. This helps a lot because we automatically become more focused on what we want rather than what we…err….don’t. 🙂
  2. Rankle your “need”s – Do we really need anything? Actually, most of the times when we use that word, we are acting out of belief systems that could be dropped.  Understand that what we reeeally reallly need is actually a belief within our own self that we could either replace with a more positive one, or forgo completely. Many times, this word too can be replaced with want or desire.
  3. Replacing the “should”s and “must”s – with “could”s and “would”s. This is something I learnt from Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue.
  4. Saying “Cancel Cancel” – This is a switch word therapy for thought replacement i learnt from a fellow therapist friend. When a low-intentional or “bad-feeling” thought comes to my mind, even if it is a vision that shows me a “bad” incident that is going to happen,  I mentally put a huge RED CROSS across it and say ALOUD in my mind, “Cancel Cancel!”. I then actively replace it with either an exactly opposite vision or thought and reframe the whole situation(if it were a situation you thought about).
    If that is not possible, due to largely the emotional turmoil at that moment, then i muster the nearest “good-feeling” thought and chain it to another “better-feeling” thought progressively and so on, until I am ok with the situation being an “ok-situation” rather than a “bad” situation.
    This is also a combination of techniques given in the amazing Esther and Jerry Hicks book – Ask and it is given.
  5. Attitude of Gratitude is the best attitude of all – Cliched though it may sound it is a resounding fact which gets proved to us as we use it more and more. What I have personally learnt is to anchor gratitude, or “thank you” in my body. I tap my left wrist gently and firmly with 2 finders of my right hand and say, “I am thankful for my warm bed… i am thankful for the love i feel” and so on and so forth. It especially works when a situation becomes seemingly unbearable, for e.g there is someone yelling, or cursing at you…thoughts like, “i hate this person…i hate this situation, oh God why am i like this”, etc. are replaced with a single-minded thought of, “thank you God for making me a medium/channel for this person to vent out his/her emotion…I might be really good in actively practicing being a Channel amid chaos and negativity for You to have selected me. Thank you for this opportunity to Love and Accept myself unconditionally as I am…a Loving Child of God”.

The above methods have worked wonders for me.. for when you change thoughts, you change your perceptions, and when you change your perceptions, the world as a Mirror changes to reflect those perceptions.

Do put your inputs if you have adopted some more thought bettering processes/tips.

Love and Light!


  1. October 9, 2009

    Great stuff!!!
    I have the smae feelings about things you have written

  2. October 9, 2009

    I don’t know if You are familiar with the works of Dymytrji Vereshchagyn and his DEIR system – he has a really nice methods for obtaining Your inner goals. Look for it…he has done a really good work

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