Grandeur within

Isn’t it bizarre how beautiful Buddhist monasteries are? As a friend of mine shared a photograph of my favorite healer, Erik Berglund’s home which he had visited recently, I was again awe-struck at how mesmerizing his house is. As I looked at this photograph, fascinated, spellbound, it evoked a sense of grandeur within me. I had a surreal sense of me being present there facing this stained glass painting. I had no idea what to make of it and yet, even to my simplistic childlike mind, it was like getting into the tunnel of a giant kaleidoscope. I loved the color and shine of the glass pieces. It was mysterious and yet simple.

As I continued staring deep into this photograph, my inner voice quietly, regally spoke,

awaken your grandness within dear Child. What you seek within is what gets reflected outside

I listened to it intently as I continued looking deeper into the glass.

What am I looking into?“, I wondered.

The same voice answered,

You are looking through the gaps into the clear space within

If it is just me then why do I look?“, I inquired, a little cross at the thought of being fooled.

It is just you“, the voice chuckled with a benign smile.

I wondered how I could feel that grandeur within. I remembered that I had been feeling this grandeur recently every time I looked at the sunset, straight in the eye, unflinching. I decided to ask.

How can I awaken this grandeur within me?

He said, “Just keep watching at what you feel within while you are looking at this painting. You will know

I was happy. I continued staring at it.

After a while He again spoke,

find it within you now“.

I closed my eyes. Like the brilliant pieces of a kaleidoscope, it fell into its wondrous design. All the light came through the colors shining into this tunnel where I was sitting, awed by the painting. Every color reached me, touched my skin, danced with me.

Is that me? I wondered.

This time there was no answer.

Only the silence of the colors that played with the immense light.

Monks passed by slowly in front of it. They seemed like the transparent jellyfishes reaching towards more light.

As I saw them pass, I got up to my feet to participate with them.

As I did so, I realized I was the light reflecting from their robes.

In deep gratitude to Erik Berglund for his wonderful presence and his work that touches me infinitely every day.

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  1. May 30, 2012

    What a beautiful experience Deepti, with a wonderful message 🙂

    • May 31, 2012

      Thank you Nigel…really thrilled that you ‘caught’ the message in all the imagination… 🙂
      Keep visiting… 😉
      Love & Light

  2. Supri
    June 1, 2012

    So beautifully vivid! I could visualize your experience. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • June 1, 2012

      Thank you so much Supri! 🙂 I am glad you could experience this as well… 🙂
      Lots of love.

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