The Kabir Festival – Mumbai – 2013

When one really experiences the ‘knowing’, it seems Kabir just brushed past your soul as it was standing in the body – a stall in the marketplace of the world.

These were my takeaway lines from the film “Koi Sunta Hai” by Shabnam Virmani that traces Kabir into the life of Pt. Kumar Gandharv. It was an incredibly moving experience and ever since, I have been doused into his rendition of sunta hai guru gyani. It shifted me because here was Kabir talking directly to my ego, my mind, persuading it, pleading it, lovingly begging it into dissolution.

Hope to meet you at the Kabir Festival 2013 happening from 9th January 201313th January 2013 where, alongwith the screening of Kabir-provoking films by Shabnam, there would be well-admired, and if I may say so, ‘real’ Sufi-singers performing Kabir’s dohas.

Here is the schedule for the same:

9th January 2013
7.00 pm: Music – Parvathy Baul | Bindhu Malini & Vedanth (Ramakrishna Mission)

10th January 2013
2.00pm: Film – The Unknown Bard Directed by Tanvir Mokammel || Music – Lakshman Das Baul (Sophia College)
8.00pm: Music – Mooralala Marwada & Mukhtiyar Ali (Veer Savarkar Auditorium)

11th January 2013
10.00am: Music – Lakshman Das Baul (Shishuvan School)
11.00am: Music – Makeshift Band & Mooralala Marwada (Somaiya Vidyavihar)
4.00pm: Interactive workshop with Prahlad Tipanya (Comet Media Foundation)
6.00pm: Meditative Masti Music – Mukhtiyar Ali & Mooralala Marwada( Sahitya Academy Hall, Vashi)
7.00pm: Dastangoi by Ankit Chaddha & Music – Bindhu Malini & Vedanth Bhardwaj (Yeshwantrao Chavan Auditorium )

12th January 2013
6.30 am : Prahlad Tipanya ( Gateway of India)
11.00am: Lakshmandas Baul and Vedanta Bharadwaj (Kitab Khana)
2.00pm: Film – Koi Sunta hai (Digital Academy)
4.00pm: Film – Chalo Hamara Des (Digital Academy)
6.00pm: – Dastango Ankit Chadha & Music – Shabnam Virmani, Mooralala Marwada, Mukhtiyar Ali (Carter Road Amphitheatre)

13th January 2013
10.00am: Interactive workshop with Mukhtiyar Ali (
Sangeet Mahabharati)
10.00am: Shabnam Virmani & Mooralala Marwada (D.G.Khetan School)
11.00am: Dastangoi – Ankit Chadha & Music – Prahlad Tipanya (Bhendi Bazar)
2.00pm: Film – Had Anhad (Digital Academy)
6.00 pm: Music – Prahlad Tipanya, Mukhtiyar Ali, Mooralala Marwada (Gyan Sagar Amphitheatre, Borivali)

In deep gratitude, welcoming you to the ancient soul of India. Perhaps you might find an ancient resonance of your own soul.


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