For the longest of time, I have avoided abandoning my worries to Nature. Mother Earth. The source of it all, the home of our human existence. For me it is easy to sit and meditate in my own home, but to step outside, among other people is not the most comforting. It is definitely not an activity that brings me relaxation. Quite the opposite in fact.

But when the homepath I am consulting currently instructed me to take walks barefoot on the grass, I was determined to follow it. This is a known technique called “earthing“. In fact there is even a book about it.

A couple of days ago an energetic rollercoaster hit me. I was in puddles of emotion. I took the first healing route that I had known – writing. I wrote to myself all that I was feeling. As Carl Jung says (and I put up the full quote in the section on the right side of this blog), one brings about one’s own light simply by making the darkness conscious. I have learned various ways of writing over the years, and different writing heals at different times, but the absolute basic, the simplest, is writing unadulterated all that you are feeling.

Writing gives me clarity. It helps me see the proverbial tunnel I am standing in so I can see where the light is. I was led to water. Taking a long, long bath, moving from warm water to cool water and gradually into cold water soothed the emotions. But my mind was still spinning stressful thoughts. At one point, I even encountered a suicidal thought which was surprising! My wise inner child told me that she wanted to go to a park, walk on the grass. I had recently heard of a public park constructed by an IT company in which various medicinal herbs were planted. I felt a calling to visit this place. Off I went on my two wheeler.

After reaching there, I was pleasantly surprised to find a path of red, super-soft sand created to walk on around the peripheral. I am often fascinated by burnished red earth and would enjoy those rare times my feet would be covered in red paint, called “alta” before my annual Bharatnatyam performances in my childhood. While I walked around the periphery, I saw several pockets of grassy patches created. There were tiny toddlers playing on a couple of these patches which were just the size of public swimming pools. I felt awkward to sit among them. So I took a few rounds along the sandy trail to make myself more comfortable. Then I felt a slight connection to one of the patches which was not as crowded and was quiet.

What happened next is what I wrote a poem about later that evening. I kept going into spells of deep trance, discovering how powerful and magnetic earth energy really is. After I came back home I felt quieter than in months. I was very attached to my meditation practice prior to this incident. Through this one, I decided to hold it lightly. I had experienced great oneness with the elements of Water, Air and Fire through the Rebirthing-Breathwork lifestyle. This was the first time though I experienced the element, or rather, the “universe” of Earth. Yes, elements do heal the mind faster than the mind can heal itself. Mine was dissolved into Her embrace. I was ensconced in an alert silence when I returned back home.

Today I saw the stars coming into their light
As the evening sky unwrapped from blue to dusk
As I lay on the yellow green grass,
Earthing myself after a very emotional day;
I saw anger rise to crescendo,
until it made me ask how is it that even after so long
I don’t know how to live correctly?!
I saw tears fall like the petals from a crowd,
mourning the death of a star on the streets
that made me wonder why, after all this time,
Life still gives me time?
I renegaded my floaters to a rock at the corner
and walked a dozen-teen steps that wound
every spiral of thoughts down.
Walking back to that rock, I then watched kids
playing on the grass around me –
One moment a warrior princess, another an alert sibling,
they changed roles without any will.
The tempest within had found a resting point.
I laid back on that tiny refuge of a rock,
my legs spread out on the supple grass,
my eyes drinking in through cobwebs of darkness,
Watching the vast, vast Father sky
Watching me.
There was nothing left to choose anymore…
Mother earth had taken me in,
my baby mind snoring on her bosom.

“Tears of Earth” by Eisgräfin via Creative Commons
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  1. Absolutely beautiful poem, Deepti! The last few days or so have been an energetic rollercoaster for many, I believe (Cardinal Grand Cross energies have apparently brought many old emotions to the surface in a poweful way) and so many people lost their centre as a result. Earthing is such a valuable tool for getting that centre back, but your account is both simple and stunning – thank you for sharing all of it.

    • April 29, 2014

      Yes tell me about it Joanna! 🙂 I definitely had gone off center. And I am still not certain to have found it but it feels good to accept it for what it is. Thanks for the appreciation. 🙂
      Love and Light

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